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Joey' House Party

Did you hear the news? Part of a popcorn wrapper found in Joey’s party house.
Waltzer, Marie Steve with glowing J
Tri, Morro, Mairead Steve, Rob
Elvis ID Ger
Party girls group 3 Listen


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“Always look on the bright side of life” song overheard in canteen
Designer making sure no-one sees what she's just printed
Man who lost girlfriend at party finds her quickly by chatting up better looking girl



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 Main News

Joey throws cool house party

Joey RainbowJo, a.k.a. Joey Rainbow, hosted a bangtastic party in her gaff near the office. There was a great mix of people there; everyone was on a great buzz. Most people became terribly drunk, as the photos going around the office of Ger shows. Ger rang me on Tuesday morning to warn me against putting them on the web.

Joey prepared Skittles Vodka for the occasion, a shot of which was handed to me as "cranberry juice." Once I knocked the shot, the room came alive. The ceiling turned all coloured and started dripping on everyone, I suddenly remembered all the dance styles from the 90's and thought I could do them really well. The music seemed to stop suddenly in the middle of a song, and it felt like I was able to walk in and out of the windows.

I filmed one chap making a magic fag and I got an earful for making videos of such things. Everyone seemed to be there - Mohamed, Brian, Steve Farrell, lots of pretty girls and well-dressed groovy boys. Fun and games.

 In Brief


Paul Little is getting married to Trish in Wicklow on Thursday. Deirdre Corbet is home, drinks in Roddy's on Thursday evening. The Love letter virus brought under control in office. Superstyley.com goes online with beautiful HTML/ASP/CSS version. Confused user asks "what in the name of God is this site?" about Waltzer.net. Obviously it's not for you baby.

 Top 10

What are ailing companies doing these days to reduce costs?
As more and more big companies get into financial difficulty, we find out how they have been keeping costs down.

  • Selling off canteen table cloths
  • Donation box when you steal stationary and software
  • Introducing photocopying cards
  • Using smaller cups for tea/coffee areas
  • Removing phones from desks, installing payphone in reception
  • Outsourcing work to cheaper labour-cost areas like Africa, Bray
  • Throwing parties in office instead of fancy hotels
  • Move accounting to the 5th floor
  • Hiring a leaving cert student to do text edits instead of a team of college educated, talented designers
  • Getting dial-up Internet access from Eircom
  • Buying local pub
 Quote of the week

Quote of the Week: Gillo: Whats the soup of the day? (c) Brian Coyle
Gillo ordering food in TramCo on Sunday afternoon.
Illustration by Brian Coyle

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