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Dee back home

Ciara loved the monster Dee brought her as a present.
Trish, Marie Ciara, Dee
Gillo Ciara, Dee
Tony, Waltzer, Gillo Ciara, Dee, Liam
Ciara, Dee, Sue Mairead, Tri


Waltzer: Blue lollypops for business, yellow for shaggin'
Triona: Oh I got a business one!
Waltzer: Do you wanna swap it for a shag?


Shaving nearly a pleasure with Mach3®
Lip sync convincing on Kinder ad
Top design reference sites banned while The Onion remains accessible



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Alan Wall is a graphic designer who's interested in photography, web design, Dublin culture and writing.

 Main News

Net access restricted again

The company has restricted Internet access again. They seem to do this every now and again to remind us that we shouldn't be on the web during work hours. Why?

Is there a productivity problem? If so, maybe you should look at the canteen, not the web. Maybe it's that we are using up too much bandwidth? Well how about some training on intelligent Internet use? A lot of people listen to web radio all day, others don't realise that an mp3 is 3-4mb and get busy downloading an album at 11am and some people watch movie trailers when they're not busy. We may be good at our jobs, but not everybody knows about bandwith limitations. A little training or a gentle e-mail to advise people what is considered acceptable behaviour might be a good idea.

And what's the deal with restricting entertainment.ie? Maybe you want us to ring each cinema/venue on company lines (at great expense in time and money) to find out what's going on that night? Put it back!

Whether the company has the most reasonable and understandable motives, or the most ridiculous and selfish motives, the very least they could do is let us know that they are about to restrict it. Why make us feel like misbehaving kids? A simple mail would do. Jeez, they manage to tell us when each and every conference is on, "everything" that is said in the news, and how important it is we all know about some server that's going up or down.

It's all very well when they want something from us, but when they want to take away our professional privileges it's a sneaky don't tell them affair. What next? The phones will be cut off? Canteen doors locked? Partitions removed? Chains on the desks?

Come on bosses, let's show a little respect for your people.

Let me know what you know: waltzer@waltzer.net


What's the best thing for a hangover?

Everyone has their own way of coping with a brutal hangover. Some people relax with a bucket of tea, others need a fry, and others need a fat frog, of all things. I know I like to use Yop and Alka-Seltzer. What about you? Let us know in Discussions, or read what others have said.

 Top 10

What are bored web designers doing to fill space?
A new study probably says that webdesigners are hungry and bored, and in a real hurry to finish their work.

  • Making up top 10 lists
  • Going through old pages to see what can be re-hashed
  • Wondering why no-one complains about the quality anymore
  • Resorting to using own quote in Quote of the Week
  • Looking longingly at bag of Skittles
  • Listening to Sterophonics, David Bowie, Bread and Free
  • Looking forward to the next conference
  • Imagining you skimming this list and getting bored half way through
  • Thinking there's only two to go
  • Considering writing anything at all just to make 10

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