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80 Leave

John and Cian wave goodbye to the 80 people who left on Friday.
Ruth, Rob Charlie, Dave
Mohamid Gillo, Brian, Ger
Denise, Mohamid, Cristina Shirts
Linda, Cristina, Denise,  Deirdre Ruth, Dee
O'Sheas John, Cian
Mandy, Joanne Dave, John, Michelle
Ruth, Sue Lights


The Boss: There'll be no job cuts.

O'Sheas Friday turnover up 200%
No more courses
Monitor confiscated



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The Waltzer Experience is a Tuesday weekly underground culture magazine for the Clonskeagh office. Waltzer welcomes submissions to waltzer@waltzer.net.
Alan Wall is a graphic designer who's interested in photography, web design, Dublin culture and writing.

 Top Story

Company sinks four weeks after hitting iceberg stock price; some rescued by competitor, probably 80 redundancies; Ismay safe, Mrs Astor maybe, noted names leaving

The company has laid off 80 crew from all disciplines. The Waltzer was not immune to the cuts and his application for voluntary redundancy was reluctantly accepted. Noted old school names leaving too:

Tommy "the Gun"
Matt (Gillo)

Noted regulars from the Waltzer experience:

I'm sure this list isn't extensive so if I left anyone out it's a mistake and I will correct it by request. Some people are still in the office finishing off their work if you are trying to contact them.



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 In Brief

FAQs for Waltzer.net

What's in store for Waltzer?
Waltzer is looking for work in Front End web development, Flash, and Graphics areas. A job doing the graphics on MTV would be cool, or layout for Esquire magazine, but I'll settle for creating the best web graphics in Ireland. If you hear of anything let me know.

Why does this site look so crap? (And why is it so inaccessible?)
This site has been running for the last two years and two months, with a new front page of photos and writing every week. I run it as a hobby and a platform for my photography, writing about my friends, bashing the company from time to time. It's not a great showcase of my design and programming skills as it was thrown together at the start and never really had a proper redesign. I spend a few hours a week on it, and frankly I'm more interested in the content than the boxes.
For real design and where I channel most of my energies into at the moment check out my portfolio and superstyley.com design competition (which will be open for entries to outsiders next time round).

So what's to become of Waltzer.net?
Nothing! I will continue to update this site every week with it's popular core content: Quotes, photos of my friends socialising and news clips that I write or guests write (guest writers always welcome!). It won't be about the office anymore, and I'm glad of that because it's a restrictive model and I prefer the free style of thatbitch and punchbear. Not to mention I'm losing all the original viewers from the old-school KW days. I hope with the new direction I can retain all of you. With that in mind, I'll remind you that you can subscribe to get an update/reminder every Tuesday morning. Although it's been more like every second or third Tuesday when I remember to send the mail.

What are the others going to do?
Triona is planning to go to Australia, Matt is undecided but has some ambitious plans for a business. I'm not sure what the others are doing, nor is is it for me to tell everyone either. That's why I set up a new guest book, the Farewell to Clonskeagh book. If you are leaving you can leave everyone your email address if you like, any plans you have etc. (While your opinion is valued on Waltzer.net, if you mention the company name or any top bosses I will delete your posting).

What about Wage Slave?
Phil will be continuously producing Wage Slave for his comic. I hope he'll still send me new cartoons, but if they are moved to another site I will link to it.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Leaving the House

It's with mixed feelings that I leave the office. Obviously I am happy to leave as I put myself forward for the redundancy, but also because it's a fresh start. I knew that I had learned pretty as much as I could have done in the House, and my interests are in areas that the company does little or none of, like photography, flash games and web design.

Having said that, there is a lot of people I am leaving behind that I am indebted to for friendship, guidance, advice and help. People such as Mairead, Brian, Richard, Russ, Jubster, Mary Kate, Paul "Littler," Sally, Sarah, Cian John, and Joey Rainbow. There are so many to think of, I know I have forgotten some important ones. But the point is that I will miss everyone a lot, and I hope to have the pleasure of working with some of you again, and remaining friends with others of you. I have spent three great years in the House and I've learned loads.

But this week when I have my work done, I'll turn my back on the House, never to return. Now that wrecks me buzz.

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