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A new beginning

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Sudden party

Audrey, Rachel, Isobel, Liam, Jay and Steve enjoy a drink on the balcony.
Drinking on balcony Charlie, Dave
Dave, Waltzer Big crew at the bank machine
Steve, large can of bud Mooses last day.
Steve peers in window Elaine's car



Mick: That'll learn ya. that'll learn ya good.
Steve: I killed you.
Mick: Oh.
Students at WaltzerLounge get to grips with Halo on the Xbox.

Scratch removed until trouble-makers gone
Website banned as user looks at it
Smithwicks only drink not looted



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Waltzer still here!
As some of you know, I'm still in the House and will be until this Friday, 17th. I didn't put up a site last week for two reasons. The main one is that the site has been banned by company policy, so a lot of people here can't see it. The second is that I was told on Wednesday last week that I would have to stay for two more weeks. I was so annoyed because we were told by top management that we'd have to finish our work and then we'd be free to go. But once middle management got their hands on it, they found work for all of us who are leaving (while others are doing nothing!)

Impromptu party kicks off in canteen
In a cost cutting measure, instead of sending us to Killarney or Galway, this year they have decided that they can fit it all into a 20 minute presentation, and drinks for everyone from 5 to 6.30. Well between drinking on the balcony, climbing in and out of Steve Reid's window, making noise in the courtyard, lying in the park and finally making it to O'Sheas, it was quite an unusual night, especially for a Thursday! Meself and Steve Farrell were saying "This is amazing, you don't see this every day" as we sat taking photographs in the courtyard. Fun and games.

Waltzer pursuing other interests
Some of you may have heard me waffling about going to college, getting a job in either HMV, Esquire or MTV, or building an arcade machine, designing a Flash version of Dope Wars, writing and producing a movie, entering the 5k competition again, doing some other Flash games, building a darkroom or setting up a studio. Hopefully I can do some of these while I search for a new job. In any case I should document anything I do in case anyone might be interested.

Next week I have some pictures I took in Navan of my dad's garden, some pictures of us goofing around with wigs in Mandy's, and I take a trip to some of the knacker drinking spots I used to frequent in Navan. Fun and games!

You will be glad to know that I am paring the site down for an increasing amount of home users, now that the site is not accessible from the office. I'll be moving over to the long-threatened CSS model too for cleaner code, easily updateable pages and better karma. Rapid tunes!

Stay with Waltzer.net for all the goings on of the Waltzer as he leaves the House behind, hangs out with house crew, and pursues new avenues of style in graphics, photography and web design.

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