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A new beginning

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Jo and Triona last night in Dublin

Mandy, Molly, Tri and Brian.
Mandy, Molly, Tri and Brian. Joey and John and one of their weird toys
Molly and Tri kising Des shaves his legs for charity, to impress girls
Brian and Issy pinching Joey Must have been a good oneGrant
Jody: My, what big hands you have, John The cast of 32 smiling all the way to the sun
Conor Star Wars styley Coor blows the candles at his 6th birthday


Brian: Disappointment arrives late.
To Phil on why the invitation said "Come early to avoid disappointment.
Giant spike "The best thing for the place"
Dad secretly watching The Simpsons
All your summer clothes are dated



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Photos from Jo and Tri's last night with us

The photos this week are mainly from Jo and Triona's last night out in Dublin. It was in Mc Turcaills on Tara Street on the 14th June. The girls have arrived in Australia and have been sending text messages and postcards home. I have a few weeks worth of pictures to catch up on since my few-week gap.

That wrecks me buzz

Misnamed seasons

Anyone will tell you that this season is known as Summer. You can hear the moans of Taxi drivers and old women on the bus about how we've had a terrible summer and will we ever get a summer and how terrible it is.

Then when the sun starts to shine around late July, August, you go into the clothes shops to get some shorts and t-shirts, only to find there's none for sale. Not only have they had their end of summer sale, but they have started to stock woolly jumpers, duffel coats and scarves.

From my casual observation of the last ten years, my summer is July to September. That's when we get the best weather. People shouldn't complain about the lack of summer until they have seen what these great months bring, and likewise Topshop aught to wait till then to sell off their summer clothes.

Maybe the solution lies in the actual naming of the seasons. If they called the period from July to August "Summer" then all the problems would go away. Similarly for winter, January to March would be winter, which makes sense since we get our snow in February and March. Then maybe I can go into Arnotts and get a duffel coat and scarf in May and not be confronted with salespeople wondering why their shorts and t-shirts aren't selling.

Conor's birthday

Hi everyone in Kilternan! This week I have included two photographs from my God son Conor's sixth birthday party. He's a big Star Wars fan so I'm sure he'll appreciate the bit of photo-manipulation I've indulged in.

Next week

The party in Mandy's I promised and pictures of Brian up to no good in Ballsbridge.




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