Be wide: It's a negative one... Week 23 | June 2000

I don't have any images because photo shops were closed all weekend. As Phil always says, "Nothin' to do with me..."


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Web Construction Special: DELAYED!

Sorry, kids. I was horrid busy and didn't do it. And I probably won't do it next week, either. But definitely the following one. If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Send a mailto:waltzer@excite.com

Blue Jean Queen Festival

It pains me to report that the festival was crap. I had no end of bad buzzes, and I would rather not even discuss it here.

The good thing about a bad experience is the opportunity to learn from them. And this week the Top 10 is a brief list of the 10 lessons I learned in Athboy this weekend.

Neil Leaves

One of our writers, Neil, is leaving the House. Neil was with us for 2 years, and moves on to greener pastures. On Wednesday we consumed a few alcohol beverages to see him off. Neil's a grand lad, and I'm sure will be missed in the house.

Ger Plugs Waltzer in Company Newsletter

Big up to the Cork boy for the shout I got in his interview in the company newsletter. When asked what kind of music he likes, Ger listed the free-styling antics of the DJ Waltzer as one of his favorites. Very amusing interview, and it proves that I am not the only one in the house with an ego.

Next Week: Lowestoft

Next week I am jetting over to England to visit me home boy, Web/Network guru and sometimes writer Benzer. He has bought a new house in Lowestoft, near Norwich, so I am going over to see it, have a night out, and will return bearing stories and photos. I am not inviting any of you after the colossal response to the Blue Jean weekend. I don't think Aer Lingus has enough seats.

Site Redesign

The results are in:
89% say keep it on one page
10% say use lots of pages.
Interesting, that...
So if there is a redesign, the text stays all on one page. (Hurah!)

    Top 10

Lessons Learned in Athboy
By da Waltzer, country boy for a day

10. Seven cans of Red Bull keep you awake for 6 days

9. Never Forget a girls name within 2 minutes of her telling you

8. Ensure all your girls are safe before leaving

7. If you have enough money, leave your bank cards at home

6. Don't get an extra tenner "just in case"

5. If narrow-minded people approach you regarding your outlandish antics/dress, embarasses them by being even more over the top whenever you see them

4. Just cos she's the best of a bad bunch, doesn't make her any good

3. Don't assume people are putting on the country accent

2. Remember the way back form the toilet

1. The more you drink, the more your behavior deteriorates

Disagree with the Top 10?

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    [that wrecks me buzz]

Everyone is leaving.

In the meeting we held to say farewell and give shillings to Neil, Kevin noted that we were having these leaving meetings a bit too often for his liking.

I remember when we left Blackrock we all talked about leaving, and I even thought it would be cool if The Company turned around one day and realized that they've lost the Business House. I was thinking "That'll teach them for taking us away from Blackrock and merging us into a big corporate environment".

Well people are leaving, and they are people I would rather didn't leave. It's not funny anymore, it's terrible. Ok, maybe our bosses have learned a lesson about uprooting people, (since they lost some of their best employees), but it's too late now. Even moving back to Blackrock won't bring back Pam, Neil, Mark, Phil and Paul. Those great people are gone and I will be very lucky to work with them again.

So The Company noticed that it may be a problem, but it's too late now. Leaving the company the way they did is not a threat. It's real. There is no coming back. It's not cool that everyone is leaving. It's the end of an era. I can see the Business House dwindle to a fraction of it's glorious days in Blackrock, and then get integrated into the IT house and then there'll be no distinction.

I won't be around for that. It's no secret that I am actively looking for a new job, with my eye on two companies in particular. I won't be the last remaining survivor of the Business House. I love the Business Crew, but I'll still jump from a sinking ship.

I am not advocating anyone leave, merely pointing out my situation as I perceive it. I know there are a few people tied to the company for one reason or another, I also know of a few that have plans to leave after the summer, and I also know that there are a lot of people who won't talk about their plans, but give me a smile indicating their intention. It seems to me that the only thing keeping anyone in the house is:

  • 1. Respect for the crew
  • 2. Inability to find another suitable job

I might be painting a dismal picture, but it's not exaggerated. There is an exodus in the house, and it is not funny or cool anymore. I can only think of one person in the whole company that this has benefited. ONE.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

[featured site]

La Haine


Another one from one of the crew, this site celebrating the cult movie La Haine is the personal website of Mark Jordan.

Mark approaches this site with a very moody atmosphere, which compliments the Experience this week. Check it out, it's worth a look.