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A new beginning

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Up to no good

Richard talks to Brian on the big telephone.
Richard talks to Brian on the big telephone Brian, Richard and Mairead look over the bridge in Ballsbridge
Molly patiently waits for the boys to stop playing See Brian. He is the champion of beer.
Keeva having fun on the slide Richard and his daughter, Keeva
Brian on a climbing frame Look at Waltzer and Brian on the high poles
Molly on her birthday, the phone Happy birthday Molly from Hello Kitty, since 1976


Ben: "Check your emails bosco."
In a text message from England giving out that I haven't checked my mail for a while.
Man collides with 20 people while walking diagonally across Grafton Street
Town "quiet enough" - Taxi driver
Wannabe grunger's interest in Korn dwindles after third song on CD



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Up to no good in D4

Last week I found myself at the Slovakian Embassy in Ballsbridge for a barbeque. Richard is friendly with the staff there and was in a position to invite me to the bash. I invited Brian and Mairead, much to Richard's amusement. "You're such a socialite," he laughed.

When we got to the Embassy we were looking in thinking "doesn't look like there's a party on here." We couldn't get Richard on the phone so we followed a guy around the back and lo and behold there was a fine barbeque serving the most divine Czech and Slovakian food. And as for the beer! Budvar and my favourite in the Porter House, Pilsner Urquel.

After that we went to a playground nearby where meself and Brian relived our youth. Then we sat outside Mary Mac's for one before retiring to a nice restaurant nearby.

Mairead now 24

Shocking news has taken the crews by storm, the revelation that Mairead is a year older. Now that we are the same age she says I can't tell her what to do any more! Well only for a few days because...

Waltzer to be 25

That's right, a quarter of a century has passed in front of these eyes, and to celebrate I am hosting a lavish party at Waltzer Lounge on Saturday August 3rd. If you know where it is, come along. There will be the usual fun and games, and a few surprises! Not only that, but I will be in town on Thursday night (25th) if you are on to come in, Pravda on Liffey Street, just north of the Ha'penny Bridge.

Next week

I keep promising you photos from the little party Mandy had a few weeks ago, but I wanted to use the pictures of Ballsbridge and Molly's birthday this week. Hopefully next week will be so boring that I don't take any photos and I'll use the ones from Mandy's. They are actually quite good too!

Waltzer recommends rapid tunes:

I just have to tell you how much I love the songs "La Passion" by Gigi D'Agosto and "Oh Baby" by Rhianna. Next week I'll tell you my favourite five albums from my modest music collection. (The collection I'm happy with but I'm sure Mark Jordan, Al Currie or Viv Duignan would ridicule if they had a good look at it! He he, how are the boys?)




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