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Snap! Richard and Gillo in similar T-shirts.
Gillo and Marie View of matching tables from above
Richard with Pravda sign in background Upstairs in Pravda
Clodagh and Joanne Birthday card from Steve
Truth and Beauty Richard and Gillo
Ciaran and Brian Crazy old religious pictures
Brian talks to Marie Waltzer and Brian chat up some lovely girls outside Pravda


Rurai: "I love the smell of an Argos catalogue."
My flat-mate with his head buried in an Argos catalogue.
Crane driver regretting the Indian food last night
Scuba diver regretting the Tequila last night
Designer late with website not regretting going out last night



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Waltzer is 25

The other day I was 25. To celebrate, some of my friends from work went out to Pravda. I like Pravda because it sounds like "Prada" and because it is one of those pubs that seem small and then there's more and then you go in there and there's a stairs and there's more and you can't believe the size of the place. The Issac Butt, and The Turks Head are like that.

Well when I went in I met Joanne and Clodagh under a staircase, Clodagh is recently back from Australia. Then Richard and Gillo came in roughly the same time, so we went to look for a bigger table. We found a nice big dining room sized one down near the toilets but it was stinking down there, so upon venturing upstairs we found we had our choice of tables.

Soon we were joined by my brother Steve, who presented me with an Xbox controller. In time Brian and Marie were with us, Ciaran. Steve brought the staff from UGC cinema who made for some interesting crossovers, according to the bauld Brian.

Everyone agreed that it was a good night, and I'm glad. Thanks guys.

Party update

I have decided not to have a party in my place on Saturday night. Too many of my friends can't make it, so maybe I'll have one in a month or so for the laugh. I should have my multi-arcade game cabinet finished by then, and that'll be worth seeing!




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