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Game On, London

View of the Houses of Parliament from the London Eye.

Mairead, Marie Mammy Waltzer
Brian, John British
Nassau Street Kodacolor
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Brian: “Not a bad price for a book I'll probably never read.”
Brian on a book about the Tate Modern Art Gallery




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London Adventures

I took a trip to London with Brian on Friday last. We went on Friday evening, got the Aircoach to Dublin Airport and by that evening we were drinking in a London bar. We had met my mate Ben in the Airport, and then we all took a train into London to arrive at the Generator hostel, where we had a few pints of Grolsh in the bar.

We were up early the next day to visit the Barbican Centre for the Game On exhibition. More about that below.

When that was finished, we had a bite to eat there and then rang my friends Dan and Judi. We all arranged to meet up later. In the meantime we took a trip to Oxford Street and Regent Street, stopping at Hamleys. Later that day we found ourselves in a pub called The Windmill, where we watched most of the Arsenal/Chelsea match with the locals.

That evening we met Dan and Judi, and we went to the Element noodle restaurant. I had tried Ramen in Wagamama in Dublin, hated it and told everyone not to have it. Then I ordered the it because I couldn't decide what to eat! How foolish, it was manky. Duck with fat and spine left on. I should have had the chicken!

That night in Soho we went about the different bars but found them to be fairly tame and dead by Temple Bar standards. Still, we had fun as our own company were getting on very well. When Dan and Judi left we headed back to the Generator bar to

Next day we took a trip down to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, via Buckingham Palace. We came around by Piccadilly Circus, where I nipped into Virgin Megastore to get one of those Transformers t-shirts.

We went back to the hostel to prepare for the evening. Ben had to work on Monday so he headed home. Brian and I called Dan but he had been drinking earlier and was knackered. We ventured into Soho more carefully this time, making sure not to lose our way back to the hostel. The pubs were even tamer than the Saturday night. The first one we went into didn't serve beer, so we went somewhere else, not wanting to start out on cocktails.

The next place we went into turned out to be a gay bar. Now I'm cool with gay culture, but it's a waste of time being heterosexual in a gay bar. So meself and Brian knocked back the beers and headed out again. We walked for ages looking for somewhere cool and ended up in the places we had visited the night before.

The next day we went up on the London Eye and visited the Tate Modern after walking the Millennium mile. Crossing over the Millennium bridge to our station we saw St. Paul's Cathedral. Then it was back to the hostel and back to the Airport.

Deadly! Fitted loads in, had a really good time and managed to find a DVD ROM drive for only 46.

Game On

Game On Review It was pretty good, but not as good as I expected. I thought there'd be loads of people about, street traders selling Atari t-shirts and what have you, but there was just one souvenir shop with fairly ordinary t-shirts by Joystick Junkies, and some books about animation, design and computer games.

So what did it have? Well in each room there was a different theme. The first one was the beginning of computer games, and they had Pong, Space Invaders and Spacewar. You could play Pong on a massive screen. Then as you went through the exhibition there was retro arcade machines, consoles from the 2600 right up to the Xbox. It had rooms with themes as diverse as game design, Japanese culture, hand-helds, future technologies and all sorts of design. It took us about two hours to see everything and was pretty cool. I don't think it was worth a trip to London, but since we did so much in the city, I wasn't disappointed.

Wage Slave

Wage Slave 27: Fit in just fine


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