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Nessa and Sara Leave, separate party in 32

Russ, Ger, Cian, John and Nessa.

Nessa 32
Cian, Ger 32
Mohammed, Moro, Brian 32
Ger, Russ, Breeda Brian, Marie

Viv: “Why aren't you cleaning up, Marie?”
Viv sitting on the couch watching television while everyone cleaned up the house

Fast lane announced for Grafton Street
Same roll of film in camera since last Christmas
Another video purchased for collection, not watched



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Game of chess to decide outcome of box room

Well it's been an interesting week. I was at a party in 32 and caught up with Viv, Gillo and some of the Swords homies, Berno, Darragh and Nodzer. Viv has bought a new gaff and Berno and Nodzer are moving in. There are two bedrooms available and the lads are going to play a game of chess to determine the hardship of the box room.

Nessa and Sara leave

We were in O'Sheas on Friday to wish happy birthday to Mohamed, but also to say goodbye to two of the nicest and most beautiful girls in the house: Nessa McEniff and Sara Kearney. I knew Nessa from the old Blackrock days, and Sara worked in HR in the 'Skeagh.

Party leaves 32 looking like "bomb hit it"

Reports that 32, the esteemed abode of Gillo, Marie, Molly and Ruth, was destroyed were confirmed on Saturday. Our social correspondent was at the scene and saw for himself the utter carnage that the party had left the gaff in. "It was worth it" said Mr Gilligan, who was sipping a pint of beer while having his breakfast in Roddy Bolands. Meanwhile the girls were at home cleaning up. "Why do we tidy and clean the house before a party" remarked one.

While faders like Waltzer fell asleep at a reasonable 3 o'clock, the Swords massive kept it "real" by continuing to drink throughout the night, consuming all the house alcohol in their tracks.

The funniest episode was probably when Berno started tapping some sleeping girl on the head with a bottle. He was stunned when Mairead lost it with him! The boys spent the next morning slagging him off about it. When asked sober what he was doing tapping her on the head, he replied "it seemed like the right thing to do at the time."


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