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Rachel's party

Steve covers the light with a beer box.

Matt, Tessa Couples
Steve, Moose Couples
Party Halo guy
Jay Beer spilling guy
DJ Couples

Al: “You look like a programmer, I think it's the beard.”
Steve: “Yeah, standard issue.”
Steve, a programmer I met at the party.

Lunch hasn't been the same since Dairylea Lunchables Hot Dogs.
Actimel stops your kids' brightness levels fluctuating
Twenty-something decides it's time to tape over his Beavis and Butthead collection



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Company announces more job-cuts, voluntary redundancies offered

The Company has recently announced another wave of job cuts. The news follows a takeover of the company and plans to rename the company are in order. The new company want to cut costs, one of my ex-colleagues noted that they "Just want the library, not the staff." So will production be slashed at the 'Skeagh? Hopefully not, the après 'Skeagh isn't all it's cracked up to be. They are due to announce the results of the redundancies very soon.

Rachel throws glamorous party

Saturday night in Rathmines: After meeting in trendy bar Toast, the crew took the 10-minute walk to Rachel's for a most stylish and glamorous party. The party was graced with some House crew, namely Moose, Steve, Jay and Brian. It kicked well into the night, dropping me off at 8am.

Joey and Tri having fun in Oz.

A photo essay by the world travellers

Waltzer not bothered to write another serious article

The esteemed reporter, known only as the mysterious Waltzer, apparently doesn't want to write anything more for his popular website this week. Reports that Waltzer has been hibernating in the sky have not been confirmed. In fact a reliable source has it that among other commitments, Waltzer is practicing Chess, building up an appreciation for classical music and preparing for college. Plans for a party are also coming together, so perhaps you can catch a glimpse or even a chat with the elusive media tycoon in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


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