Central Heating For Kids Week 24 | June 2000

Loops and Rosie Some fox Jen and Boyfirend Some cute baby

Blue Jean Weekend. L-R: Loops and Rosie brave the weather, Two of my girls about to kiss, Jen and her fella on the table, Some cute baby behind that same fella.


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"There's 20p on the ground. The way the exchange rate is at the moment, you should pick that up."



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20 Weeks Old!

The new Experience is 20 weeks old. We have come a long way since the first episode, and the old school DJ version. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed, commented and helped in any way. To celebrate, I have compiled a Top 10 best of Waltzer Experience reminding you of the old ones that you might like to read again or maybe you haven't seen them at all yet. Enjoy!

Big Up to the Lowestoft Massive!

Last weekend I was in Lowestoft, England, kickin' it with me homey, Ben. I was back on Sunday night with a moon head on me bearing great stories and photos. Luckily stories don't have to processed in photo shops, so I have them here.

Well what can I say about my visit to Lowestoft that would do it the justice it deserves? It was wicked! We wasted no time: As soon as we arrived at about midnight, I was in a club called Tiffin's that was bumper with girls between 16 and 24. Yes, I was in my element. I'll tell you one thing though, the young ones over in England are fit! Such foxes I have never seen the like of over here in such vast numbers. I had to laugh when one girl there was pretending to kick her friend, and in modesty she pulled down her dress a bit while she was kicking. Unfortuneatly for her she pulled it down too much and her breasts popped out the top. And they were big ones too.

The next day we were down the beach and had a styley fish n' chips. There was a hair in Ben's but no matter how much I comlained, she wouldn't put one in mine. Wha wha wha.

That night we went into a more mature club called The Arena. That was ok but the music didn't make me want to dance. They were playing too much Steps and crap. On the way in we saw this guy leaving and he was trying to smuggle out a pint. The bouncer spotted him and said nothing about the pint, but when your man went to walk by him, the bouncer started to shake him, and he spilled the pint all over his clothes. The youngster just cries "How did you know?"

Well there was probably some more stories which some of you will hear when I go out with yiz or see yiz in the office. I hope to have pictures up DURING THE WEEK so come back towards the end and hopefully I will have replaced the Blue Jean ones.

Web Construction Special: Part Three

The 4-week Web Construction Course is delayed by two weeks. I will be continuing it next week with Using Free Web space, Affiliate Programs and Search Engines.

The Ill-Fated Blue Jean Festival

It was crap, but I thought you might be interested in seeing the pictures anyway!

    Top 10

Best of The Waltzer Expereince
Waltzer choses his favourite snippits.

10. Being Lanngers Buzz
"Did you ever get the notions? You think everything is suddenly much easier than it is when you're sober..."

9. Blackrock Christmas Party.
See Dermot givin' it loads on the dance floor.

8. Clonskeagh Uncovered
Read my initial reaction to Da 'Skeagh. "...We are having a shite time and I hope you are making the most of the 'Rock, cos it doesn't get any better..."

7. Cartoons of the Designers
Cute images of some of the Business House Design Crews

6. Paul's Leaving Session
Some nice shots of the crew at Paul's Leaving Session.

5. Catch-Phrases of the Business House Crew
Ger has a go at the amusing phrases of the Business House Crew

4. Gill's Leaving Party
This one has some nice pictures and was the first to use the multiple shot panoramic technique.

3. Caroline Pictures
Oh yeah, these photos I took of one of my girls, Caroline, gave the site a glamourous feel which helped it off it's feet.

2. Viv's Chippers
Viv tells it like it is: The Top 10 chippers in the city. Very amusing column. "After a night... its good to bail into Iskanders and wolf down a Chicken Shish Kebab with da crew, Although you'll probably leave with more shit on ya than down your gob..."

1. The Galway Experience Special
Read how we took Glaway by storm and made the most of the complenentary alcoholic beverages. "Pam entertained some of the lads by putting the pointed hats up her top..."

Disagree with the Top 10?

Throw your version of the Top 10 together and click "send". Next week you will see an average of the massive compared to this one.

Send me your Top 10: waltzer@excite.com 

    [that wrecks me buzz]

The Rat Race.

Before I got an office job, I couldn't wait to use a computer all day, to have papers all around me, people e-mailing me for help, memos being dropped on my desk and being able to understand Dilbert cartoons. Now that would be living! Well I have all that now and what good is it?

That leads me to the question "What is living?" Is it having a nice house in the suburbs, a nice car, a nice job in the city? I don't think so, not for me. When I was in Lanzorote two years ago, I was tempted to get a job as a DJ or even a barman and stay there. That would be living. Meeting people from different cultures, girls on holiday, having plenty of cheap drink and playing music all the time.

But I went home to nurture my early career footsteps. I knew that the "right" thing to do would be to get a responsible job in an office with lots of money and I could visit these places whenever I want. I wonder if I would have regretted it...

But the thing that gets to me is the fact that I am at a loss to realise what I want from life. I have a lot of finding myself to do yet. Some of you might have been talking with me about my plans to set up my own business next year. I think that is my calling and I think I will be happy at it. But sometimes I wish that I could do things that were done before, that I never got to do, and am not allowing myself to do. Like travelling around in a VW van and sitting in a car-park at sunset listening to Seventies rock music. I don't know where these visions come from, and when you reconstruct one of your fantacies it's never as good. The best memories are the ones that happen by accident.

But what can you do to help memories happen? Open up to them. Go to everything you are invited to. Don't stay in working every spare minute you have. Feel your life. Escape the rat race.

This would be great advice if I took it and tried it. It's so easy to know the best thing to do when it's someone else you are giving the advice. I don't want to end up with my house in the suburbs and the working wife, three kids and a nice car. To me that's a failure. But my escape route is to be hugely successful so that I can rise above it. That's the way I choose to escape, but it won't be easy. Some may choose to escape by getting into a VW van and heading for the sunset. Respect to them. Maybe it'll take some life-changing event to show me that that there is an error in my ways, I don't know. I just don't know...

Now that wrecks me buzz.

What do you think of the Rat Race? Stick it in the comment box. With your name!