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week 25 : 19 june 2000

Mark and Phil   Crew Group Photo   Sully, Jay, Moose   Sheherazade and Izzy   Fiona   Philip and Glen   Breffni   Matt, Ian and Siobhan   Viv and Ger
Phil and Mark's last day: L-R: Phil and Mark selling their pods; Group photo of The Crew at lunch; Sully, Jay and Moose looking fresh; Sheherazade and Izzy; Fiona enjoying the pub; Phil pulling faces with Glen looking on; Breffni having a smoke; Siobhan waving; Viv listening to the raw audio while Ger absently enjoys a Guinness.


John A: (in response to my "I feel drunk already")
"Get a few pints into you and you'll be grand."

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If you think you could write an interesting Top 10, Wrecks Me Buzz or a Special, then please let me know. External writers are strongly encouraged. Let's evolve the site together. It can be a hang-out place for the crew (even if you don't work in the Business House) where we can share stories, photos and generally keep in touch.

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New Design

Hope you like the fresh new design. It loads 36% faster! I hope it is a bit cleaner and easier to use. This week is the first time I feature MP3 audio of a night out we had. Unfortunately it is not streaming, but the files are not too big to download. In future I hope to have the option of streaming the audio using Flash, but until then, enjoy these downloadable files...

Mark and Philip Leave

The boys who held the place together are now gone! I will miss them both, both personally and professionally. Mark is going back to college to finish his degree, while Phil is working in Web development, I believe. The best of luck, lads.

Needless to say we went out and had a mad party to see the boys off. I recorded a few sound clips for your listening pleasure, but please don't listen if you are easily offended. If you can't get the sound to work by clicking normally and selecting "open from current location", then right click on the link and select "save as". You will need the Winamp MP3 player from Winamp.com.

• I interview Phil on his reflections upon leaving, pronunciation, shaving and women. Warning: Explicit content! (519k)
• Interesting interview with Mark on the Knowledge Crew, Lactic Acid, love and family. Warning: Explicit content! (427k)
Jodie on body heat. (87k)
• Breo/Crack promotion. (55k)
• Glen and Sheherazade on Northern Politics. (82k)
Ger on his Sinatra Website. (130k)
Sheherazade declares her love for Ger. (84k)
• Phil, Martin and Alan with Posh English accents (230k)
• Viv teaches the boys how to pronounce Rapid Tunes. (74k)
• Dermo, Ian and Matt take out a plant. Warning: Explicit content!(131k)
Dermo goes moon listening to The Chemical Brothers. (87k)

End of Leaving Cert Garden Party

I'll be DJing during the week at my brother, Stevo's, garden party in Navan. Should be a good one, I'll bring back photos and stories!

Web Construction Special: Part Three

The 4-week Web Construction Course is delayed another week. Sorry about that! I just am up to my eyes at the moment with parties, work and the website. I will continue it next week with Using Free Web space, Affiliate Programs and Search Engines. I hope!

 Top 10

Frank Sinatra Slang
Ger promotes his Sinatra Site with this humourous Top 10.

10. Dame
A generally derogatory term for a probably unattractive woman. The word dog is also sometimes substituted.

9. Gasoline.
A term for alcohol, more specifically, Frank's favourite drink, Jack Daniel's Bourbon Whisky.

8. Harvey
A man or woman who acts in a stupid or naive fashion; sometimes shortened to a "Harve."

7. Mouse
Usually a small, very feminine girl who invites being cuddled.

6. Origianl Loser
A man or woman without talent; sometimes more fully expressed as "He (she) is the original Major Bowes Amateur Hour loser."

5. Platinum
Having a big heart, generous. "You're platinum, pussycat!"

4. Scramsville
To run off.

3. Swing
To hang out and drink, smoke, sing, generally get real loose.

2. Wow-ee wow wow
Term that figured importantly in the Rat Pack lexicon for a while in the late 50s and early 60s. It was an expression of glee, joyful anticipation and a euphemism for lubricious fun!


1. Ring-a-ding.
A term of approval for a beautiful girl, viz "What a ring-a-ding broad!"

Check out Ger's new Frank Sinatra Website. It's suprisingly good.

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 Me Buzz

Growing Up.

I saw sone teenagers the other day sitting on a wall with nothing to do and I remembered doing the same a few years ago. The world is not designed for teenagers. They want to experience life but they are too young to drive, get a job, go drinking, they have to go to school, they have no money, they have to be home by 10 or whatever. Now none of these things apply to me any more. Sometimes I regret it. Wasn't drinking more fun when it wasn't allowed? So was renting 18 videos, staying out late and driving. All that shit is there to be taken now that I am in my 20s, but I feel it's crap.

I am too busy to hang around like teenagers doing nothing. I wouldn't even know what to say to them. I remember there was a 20-something year old in my class when I repeated the Leaving, and he didn't want to talk about sex, pop music, cheap drink, top 10 McDonalds hamburgers and all this boring crap teenagers waffle on about. When I am with my friends now I talk of business, money, office politics, the Internet, design, architecture, music, style and travel.

The point is that I am not a teenager anymore, but lo and behold, a man. I should start looking forward instead of back. I should forget about being a teenager, much as I enjoyed it, and start being a 20-something-ager.

My mind is full of memories that I don't know what to do with. It is sad to let it go, but it has to be done.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

 Featured Site

Purgatory Records


Check out Alan Currie's website for his new record label, Purgatory Records. The site traces Al and his partner Aaron's musical history, and includes pictures of the house/studio. I like the list of gear which includes a carton of Marlboro and a crate of beer! Good Lick with the label, Al.