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week 27 : 03 july 2000

MaryKate, Moira, Breffni   MaryKate, Moira, Breffni   MaryKate, Moira, Breffni
Tony's Last Night: L-R: Tony, Seamus; Ger, Viv, Grainne; Mary Kate, Moira, Breffni.


"I just love the lesbian plumber thing."

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Tony Leaves the House

Is there no end to this exodus? Since the Waltzer Experience inception in February, I have covered eleven crew leaving. That adds up to about 330 in farewell parties. I think the company should contribute! Anyway, Tony is leaving to work in out new Limerick office, and no doubt he will be missed. Tony was with the house for 2½ years and had positions as a writer, editor and curriculum designer. A good night was had by all in Russell's to see him off.

Writers and Designers Collaborate

An interesting system has been introduced in the business house. Writers and designers sitting together, writing the content together based on what can be done technically and aesthetically. The old system was more production-line orientated: Write, then Design. I think the new system is great for the following reasons:

  • Greater writing and design flexibility allows writers to contribute to the design, and vice-versa
  • Much more enthusiasm and energy goes into the production
  • Two departments are socially better integrated
  • Morale is up due to the novelty and potential of the system

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I have set up a search engine on the site to the left for searching just the site. It is updated every week, so it should always have what you are looking for from the archives. You might find it useful.

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Ha ha! Yeah, a few people have said that they sometimes forget to check the site and would I mail them on Monday to remind them. Well I am going to do just that. If you would like to receive a weekly reminder in your e-mail box every Monday morning with the headlines and a brief description of any photography or audio, then put your email address into the box to the left and press return. I will never give your address to other companies, and if you want to unsubscribe, just send me a mail saying "unsubscribe" in the subject. Check out this sample of what you'll get every week.

Rapid Tune Recommendation

Sandstorm Record CoverI know I haven't recommended a tune on the site for ages, but there is a massive tune out now by the name of Sandstorm (external link), by Darude. It's a mad bangin' trance-progressive techno crossover, and is well recommended if you like your music exciting. Go get it!

Web Construction Special: Part Three

Guess what? I didn't do it! Ha ha. Well I really do hope to finish this project, but like I said, I am very busy at the moment. If you are waiting for it, let me know in the comment box there at the right. Thanks.


No Radio this week, as I didn't record anything worthwhile.

 Top 10

Consumable Products
Waltzer helps you live better by introducing you to the world's best products.

10. Kodak Zoom 800ASA film.
KodakPop this in your camera and you can take all the low-light pictures you want without a flash. That's how I get the indoor ones looking good. Bit pricey, though.

9. PK Blue
PKPK Blue is the finest chewing gum ever. It has a delicious liquorice and menthol flavour. It has a deadly retro look to its package, due to the fact that Wrigley's haven't changed the package since probably the 50's. Only disadvantage is that it contains sugar, which is bad form for a chewing gum, destroys your teeth.

8. Anti-Bacterial Soap
Kills bacteria which causes most bodily smells. I'll go no further into it...

7. Yop
YopThis yoghurt drink makes a great breakfast when your stomach isn't ready for solid food, like after a night out and you're in work the next day. And at least if you throw up it won't get stuck in your nose.

6. Weetabix
WeetabixSo quick and easy to prepare and eat. Great when you are running out the door for work or school. Get three Weetabix into you, takes 50 seconds, keeps hunger locked away till breakfast time.

5. Guinness
GuinnessAh, the demon drink! But Guinness is so tasty and smooth, it's well worth the extra two minutes you have to wait. And if it's the end of the month, don't forget it costs a bit less too!

4. Wilkinson Sword FX Diamond
WeetabixA razor that lasts 3 times as long as it's cousin razors. Super. Why buy lots of disposable razors when you can buy diamond edged extra strong blades for your FX handle?

3. Zirtek
ZirtekHay Fever is killer this time of year, but get yourself a box of Zirtek and you are laughing all the way to the country. Wicked stuff. Take one a day and a week's supply costs 4.24. Also available in Extra Drowsy formula.

2. Vitamin Tablets
CentrumIf you are a complete utilitarian like I was a few years ago, you will know the power of vitamin tablets. These yokes are great. Pop one in the morning and then you don't need to worry about a balanced diet! Eat cornflakes the rest of the day if you want. Lovely. You'll never have any vitamin deficiency problems and you can eat whatever you like.

And the best product in the world...

1. Alka-Seltzer
Alka-SeltzerIs there anything it can't do? Alka-Seltzer is the best product in the world by far! If you are dying with a hangover, even if it's a rare "double hangover", i.e. a sick stomach and a sore head, Alka-Seltzer will sort you right out. Of course it's effects are variable on different people, but for me it works perfectly! One glass of Alka-Seltzer and I am a new man. Brilliant stuff. And if you ever come to work in a state, I have a box in my drawer! Indispensable.

Send me your Top 10: waltzer@waltzer.net 

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Tacky & Pastiche Interior Design.

Araaaagh! My head will melt if I see any more floral patterns in the house! I am living in my Grandparent's house at the moment and it is full of these stupid floral patterns. The carpets, curtains, wallpaper, tiles, towels, tablecloths, furniture and even the kitchen appliances have floral patterns.

Why, oh why does anyone buy this crap? Have they never seen modern design from Germany, Italy and the US? Lots of Irish people insist on designing the interior of their house in the most pastiche manner. Mass produced furniture that looks hand carved, big floral patterns, prints of boring old fashioned paintings, religious icons, cheap holiday souvenirs and family photos in tacky frames litter this house. You've seen it yourself. It's so horrible.

As a graphic designer, I take an interest in all design fields including furniture, industrial, architecture and interior design. It pains me to see the waste of a house some people have created with their TACK.

I can't wait to get my own place. It will be the most simple, elegant and minimalist place in Dublin! People will come from miles around just to see it. And luckily my brother and sister are both of the same opinion, and if I move in with them as a starter, we can all agree on the style the house will take.

Tacky, pastiche crap: I have a special box in the attic for that.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

 Featured Site


I recently discovered this search engine, Google, which has been getting a lot of press recently for it's great abilities. Well I checked it out with a general search for Waltzer. To my surprise, this site came out right on top. Well that's good enough for me. I'll give it a thumbs up!

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