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week 28 : 10 july 2000

Random sentence generator: If you use it for sinister sentences, what does that say about you?


"They should pump more money into the rivers."

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The Waltzer Experience is edited and largely created by Alan Wall in a limo on the way to a superstar party.

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Nobody Left This Week!

Shock and surprise are being expressed by the crew this week as it is only the second week that no-one has left the company in seven weeks. Is this a good sign, or are they all biding their time. My opinion? Changes in the way we work are interesting enough to keep people. We'll see who stays after the Flash training...


The Waltzer Experience is downsizing operations. Read about it in That Wrecks Me Buzz, right.

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 Top 10

Best Looking Girls In Work

10. --Censored--

9. --Censored--

8. --Censored--

7. --Censored--

6. --Censored--
Such a honey

5. --Censored--
Always fit

4. --Censored--

3. --Censored--

2. --Censored--

And the best looking girl in the office...

1. --Censored--
Absolutely fine.

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 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Downsizing of the Experience.

It's like this: I have to spend less time on the Waltzer Experience to give myself more time for other projects I want to work on. That means I cannot continue to produce the amount of content I usually do. Since the site doesn't make any money, I can't afford to pay anyone to produce content. That leaves me with just two options:

1. You write some content

2. I remove sections

The first option is what I would like to go for. That way the site becomes more diverse, people will feel closer to the site if they know they can write the content themselves. Also the site doesn't get smaller, and possibly could get bigger. It will mean that you have to produce some content, be it photographs, cartoons, a Top 10, a Wrecks Me Buzz, a news story or a special. It is not hard at all. I do it every week. Just follow the way the others have gone before in terms of length and subject matter, but make sure you maintain your own style. Bear in mind that the majority of viewers are people who work or worked in the Business House, and those who know us. (Not that that can't expand). Before you know it, people will be looking forward to reading your next piece.

If that doesn't work, I will do a survey to see which are the most popular parts, and drop the rest. But I hope it doesn't come to that. It's up to you to make sure that doesn't happen. Let's create something even fresher than before. A complete unity.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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