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week 29 : 17 july 2000

Dee and Nicky Dee and her friends Martin, Dermot and Viv

Picture of the lads
Deirdre's last night:Top: Dee and two friends; Dee and Nicky; Martin, Dermo and Viv. Bottom: Jub Jub, The Brefster, The Waltzer, Glenda, Tin McCan, The Juggler, Dermo, Philtre, Moira-ster, her friend.


Glenn: In response to "Are you meeting her?"
"I'm beating me meet in' her."

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Deirdre Leaves the House.

Deirdre left the house to work for a competitor in Limerick. It was sad to see her go as she was always so pleasant and fun to work with. Dee was with us for a year and a half and worked as a writer and a writing team leader. Instead of the usual Russell's, we went to McSorleys. It was a good night with a representation of 20 which is great considering there is only 35 left of the 50 Blackrock crew. I wish Dee the best of luck and hope it all works out for her.

On Downsizing

If you read last week's episode you would know that I am downsizing the experience. Here is the latest on it: There seems to be a good interest among people to write/produce content but they seem to be worried about the actual subject matter. Well let me tell you this: If you are thinking of writing content remember that it will only be up for a week, you needn't worry about people judging you on your piece as you can write another one whenever you like. Best case scenario would be that the site gets better and bigger.

Don't get me wrong now, I am not copping out of doing the Experience. I love doing it, but at the moment I just thik I need to spend some more time on some other projects. Hopefully you will like them too! But because the Experience is so satisfying to work on and popular with you, I think it's only a natural progression to open it up and let the cult following contribute to it yourselves.

As far as subject matter is concerned, it's open. Write about our place, our social buzz, or if you are not directly connected to Waltzer, then give us your slant on something. It doesn't have to be writing either. It can be photographs, cartoons, whatever. Just bear in mind that the site is really a culture thing. This is an inclusive project. I don't want anyone who enjoys the site to feel left out just because they don't know us. Everything is welcome. Now get out there and produce stuff! And stop thinking it's not for you. You know you could do it if you want...

Random Sentence Generator

Last week's Random Sentence Generator has had a lot of people coming back to me saying they liked it. Well all developers among you can download the .fla (73k).

 Top 10

Little things that are good about work.

I know I do a lot of complaining about the house, but there are a few things that have to be said for it.

10. No Phone, Internet or Software Restrictions
Install all the software you like! Check the Waltzer Experience whenever you like! We also have unlimited phone access. Doesn't really matter though with mobile prices being so cheap.

9. No Dress Restrictions
Means I don't have to wear my Armani suit in and risk some degenerate puking on it on the 45 to Bray.

8. Flexi-Time
Mean I can come in with an awful head on me at 10 (well, according to my contract) and go at 6.30. Or I can come in at 7.30 and go at 4. Great.

7. Music
They actually encourage us to listen to music so we are less distracted by other things. Like Sarah's phone calls.

6. Sweets from abroad
Whenever anyone is abroad they always bring back sweets or food for us to eat. This is cool insofar as we do it independently of the company and it's just a buzz.

5. Breakfast
Full Irish breakfast served until 10.30. Nothing like it, but the lads are putting on weight after three solid months!

4. Quake
Play network Quake against some really experienced players at lunch of after work. Scary.

3. Free Sessions
There is nothing like a free drinking session to get to know people. God love us next weekend...

2. Howaya, presents and drink for people leaving
Whenever anyone leaves, we always get them a few presents and a card that we all sign. This is then presented to them at a "Howaya" meeting during the afternoon. An impromptu speech is usually given by a manager and then the leaving person has their say. And then we all go out for drinks that night. Great.

And the best thing about the house:

1. The Buzz
The raw buzzing environment of the house and the personalities of the people makes for an office that is really easy to settle in and work at. The people who create this buzz are what makes me continue to write this site and keep the buzz going.

Send me your Top 10: waltzer@waltzer.net 

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Change of title for That Wrecks Me Buzz.

I am too much of an optimist to write a column every week entitled "That Wrecks Me Buzz". I would find it a lot easier and more enjoyable to write a column that was about good things instead of bad things. So from next week on I am renaming the column "Edits". I like this name because it is a combination of the word "Editorial" and the "Edits" that we get in work on the graphics, which are often someone else's opinion and are often interpreted in different ways by different designers.

This will fit in nicely with the naming of the photographs (which used to be called "latest photographs") to "Graphics". So we'll have Graphics and Edits. Just like at work.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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