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20 Jan 2003 | week 304

Various events

Steve plays pool at Gina's wedding.

JohnO in O’Sheas Rachel and Caoimhe in the Sugar Club Michael and Joanne tuck into their meal while Brian thinks twice Steve’s presented with a present John and Brian in Smith’s Richie charming the ladies Steve on a shopping holiday in London Mollie blows bubbles at Steve The staff of my new company Steve plays pool

Where's Wally?

May work in browsersWhere's the pictures of this and that event? Why isn't Waltzer updating the site? The answers to these questions and more will soon be answered in the first new of 2003!

The last few months have been a bit of a mess. Since I left Company S, I was freelancing for a while through my own little design company. That led to a job with a software company down in Rathfarnam, where I have been working as a graphic/web designer since early November. Funnily enough, I was the sixth person from Company S to join here. You might know the others: Mick, Kieran, Tony, Martin and Liam.

What about the months in between? Well, as you probably know, I was struggling with a lack of direction with the site, but having taken some time away from it, I think I know where to go with it now.

So what's been going on? Well I've gone to London a couple of times, there has been dozens of parties, I've made some progress on my arcade project (sub-site to be built soon I hope), I'm losing money every Tuesday playing poker, and every Friday night drinking beer! I'm still studying photography, but I'm on my lecturer's "concerned" list because I haven't been producing enough work! And I'm still forgetting what I talk about on the site, then I'm surprised they know so much about me!


Firstly, let me thank every one of you who visited my site over and over looking for a new update, and for all the mails and requests about getting the site back up. Well the site is indeed back up, hopefully to remain so, and updated on a regular basis. I'm aiming for every week, but that might change depending on how busy I get.

I've been looking at the old sites and while the quality waned, there were quite a few good ones. Hopefully I can get back on top of the quality very quickly! So bear with me for the first couple of weeks 'til I get back into the swing!

Hopefully I can share some photographs, quotes and anecdotes with you on the site. If there's no site up from now on, send me a mail giving out about it to the usual address! Do you like the new style? I don't! It'll be evolving as time goes by. It uses CSS so it probably looks crap in old browsers. If you have any complaints about the CSS, talk to Jeffery Zeldman...

Isobel leaves to travel the world

It was very sad to see Isobel off last week. She won't be back for two years, and we'll all miss her. Luckily she's keeping a weblog, so you can keep up to date with her antics. Next week I'll have photographs of the night we saw her off in Thomas Reids.

Coming soon

More photos of the family events, such as Steve's 21st, Kirst's birthday and Gina's wedding. Those crazy Architect students had another party at Waltzer Lounge, those photos will make and appearance. And with hitting it's third birthday, I'll soon put up a review of 2002, similar to the big ones of 2000 and 2001.

Party On!

To relaunch and to celebrate three years "running," Waltzer is throwing a party at Waltzer Lounge, on Saturday, Feb 8. Come along! Everyone's invited. Mail me for the address if you don't have it!







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Liam: I thought the deadline was Christmas eve.
Kieran: No, that's the deadline for your letter to Santy


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Conversation about what drill he has leaves young man feeling old

Lottery winner plans big spending spree in Marks and Spencer




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