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20 Jan 2003 | week 305 | For whiter teeth, use Photoshop every day

Various events

Architecture girls enjoying another party at WaltzerLounge.

Architecture crew Waltzer self portrait hot girl on girl action laughing away at waltzer lounge all the girls etch-a-sketch warnings brians shirt ciara and little sis sweets in apache pizza


Nancy Hands, Sunday: Just been for a drink with the infamous Jubster, he says he might write for the Waltzer Experience if I come up with a good angle/subject. You want Jubster writing for this site, so give him or me your suggestions right now! (My usual address, or call down to Jubster's desk if you're in the 'Skeagh).

Waltzer wins big at poker

Waltzer Lounge, Tuesday: Waltzer was the overall winner in the poker school last Tuesday night, taking 35 on top of his original stake of 15 away from the table, sources said. The game originally had four players, but after Richard and Steve lost all their money, it was down to just Ger and Waltzer. Waltzer's new strategy of not drinking too much paid off as he took the winnings for the first time in over a year. "It could have been better though," Waltzer commented in an exclusive interview, "I was doing real well and then the second-last hand was ridiculous, I lost about 12 cos I thought he [Ger] was bluffing. Oh well."

The Late night poker session takes place at Waltzer Lounge every Tuesday night, and regulars there include esteemed businessmen and students, Richard, Rob, Ger and Steve. It's reported that celebrities Brian, Mick, Russ and Dermot often make a guest appearance.

Big session in O'Sheas next Friday

Clonskeagh, Friday coming: Not only is it payday, but there's about fifteen heads from Floor 1 leaving. They are all redundancies from the 2nd round who had to work till Jan. celebrity and Company S regular JohnO, commented "it'll be a biggie!"

This week in WaltzerWorld:

Feedback on website

Hyperspace, Wednesday: Thanks for the feedback and encouragement on the new site. The most interesting thing I heard was that the new style "doesn't suit me." Ha! Well you are probably right, and looking back over the old ones I think there was a lot more craziness. Well here's to making it as good and better!

Phantom FM

Airwaves, Sunday: I listen to Phantom FM and so should you, because it's the coolest Pirate radio station in Dublin with the best new and Irish music. You won't find Brittney Spears on this station. The sexiest voice on radio has a show in Sunday morning, Pearl, well worth a listen. Respect to Richard who introduced me to the station a year or more ago.

Project due, one girl, Sarah, loads of great pictures.

College, Wednesday: We had to hand up a project on Wednesday in school. We looked at mediocre project after project, and just before the class finished, this girl Sarah presented the most wonderful work. It was a series of pictures taken around a stable with horses and tack, (which isn't something I'd be particularly interested in), but it was so good that we were all awe-struck, I nearly bought the lot off her there and then (and I wouldn't normally buy photography!). The variety of viewpoints, the quality of printing and the imagination in these pictures was very impressive.
We are under a lot of pressure now to get photos taken, and do all the written work.

Web design

I've started work on a website for upcoming actor Domhnaill O'Donoghue. It will be the latest site in my portfolio, and it's a chance to possibly do some photographs, so I'm looking forward to it. I've also redesigned the Company P site, which is looking supa fresh now.

Latest Waltzer Lounge project: Darkroom

I'll be setting up a darkroom at home in my little cupboard in the sky. It's about 5' square, so will probably make a decent enough little darkroom. I don't know if I'll put in taps and sink, I know it would be a massive advantage, but it's probably a tough job, even though the pipes already go through that room. Any suggestions? I spoke with Cathy in John Gunne's and she promises me a fine enlarger nex week.


Issy in Earthquake

Isobel was in Mexico last week when the earthquake struck. Luckily she wasn't injured, but there's a note on her site about it.

Izzy was kind enough to send over this collage. Let's see some more pictures from around the world (you know who you are!)

Isobel's collage from mexico

Give to Concern

Banking, Sunday: Help people less well off than you by giving a few shillings to Concern every month. Concern teaches people to farm and grow food to feed their families. Let these kids go to school and stop wasting all that potential talent. You have that choice for the price of a couple of pints a week.





Wage Slave
Kaner Memories



Johnny: Tuesday night Copper's. If you think it's a good idea, you're already too drunk to go.


New graphic downloaded to mobile phone

Angry email composed, then scrapped

Taxi deivers and old women agree that the evenings are getting longer




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