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Fair play, at the end of the day | 19 Feb 2003 | week 308

Part of the new Architect Collection at WaltzerLounge: by Gráinne Daley 

30801.jpg (blue): Dan Buckley
30802.jpg (glass): Eilish Beirne
30803.jpg (planes): Paula McGloin
30804.jpg (girl): Dermot Reynolds
30805.jpg (chalk girl): Grainne Daley
30806.jpg (spire): Davida Dee
30807.jpg (paris): Diane Lilley
30808.jpg (paint): Artist not available


Distinguished art collector buys up architect collection

Saturday, RIAI, Merrion Square: I took a visit to the architect's auction for a bit of a look around. The quality of the work varied greatly, and I settled into my complementary wine while waiting for the auction to start.

With no intention of buying anything at the start of the event, your intrepid reporter bought no less than twelve pieces from various artists. I have to say I'm very pleased with my new collection. There were a few other pieces I would have liked, but they went very expensive very quickly.

Mr. Dermot Boyd of the Dublin socialite circuit and, lecturer in Bolton Street, acted as auctioneer. He was most amusing with his split second analysis of works as being either "accomplished" or "challenging," depending on whether he liked them or not!

I had a really great time, buying up art was fun, everyone applauding when each piece was sold, just giving the nod to the auctioneer, everyone's eyes on you to buy the next piece, and shaking your head to indicate no further interest and the item would be sold to your competitor.

Some pieces that a lot of work was put into were withdrawn, and others that were done quickly were reaching top dollar. Davida Dee's "Blood, Lead and Tears," a very accomplished piece, which fetched over 100 euro, left a lot of people disappointed.

The auction was held by the 3rd year DIT Architects class in aid of their trip to Berlin. Many of the students created work, the proceeds going to each particular students' fund. It was arranged by Donagh Horgan, who was thanked most enthusiastically and eccentrically by Sarah, despite the fact that Dermot had already thanked him.


Def Leppard play fantastic gig at Ambassador

I'm so glad I went to see Def Leppard at the Ambassador last Tuesday. It was a really good gig, the band played enthusiastically, the atmosphere was great, everyone singing along to the old songs like Pour Some Sugar on Me, Animal and Photograph. I think I'll go get Vault straight away!

Future possible parties

The rumour mill is working away, and it seems that there is a slight possibility of a party on Friday 28 in 32. That is the boycott pubs day, so a house party fits nicely! There is also talk of an old-fashioned mid-week session where you have to get hammered and crawl to work the next day with a green face!


Latest Web Discovery

Another great discovery this week is Messaging! I know, I'm late starting with this one, but having used it the last week I think it's a really cool system. For those of you who haven't a clue (like me last week!), messaging is where you download a small application, so does your friend, and you can chat away in a more talkative environment that email, but less than the phone. It's like a mix between texting and emailing. I use Yahoo Messenger, and my id is djwaltzer, so if you want to add me to your list, work away!

Last year: The Wine Dogs

The Wine Dogs: A few of us went up to Dublin Castle for what we thought would be a wine tasting lesson. It turned out to be a trade fair! Last year. So we got fairly hammered and went into town for food, taking in the Chinese New Year celebrations on Dame Lane.





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