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We put the W in sweet. | 05 March 2003 | week 310

Laura and Suzanne in Kiely's on Friday



I had an interesting three days in Enniscrone last week. I was sent down there on business to work on a WAP and PDA version of the Company P website. The office down in Enniscrone is mad, full of PCs and boxes stacked up an whirring away. The office is next to the girls secondary school, so every day at 4.00 a multitude of young girls walk by with extremely short skirts. I don't know who designed the uniforms for this school, but they obviously weren't aware of school uniform fetishes!

Anyway, there was more beauty to be seen in Enniscrone than just the schoolgirls. The beach is fantastic, it's a beautiful place. I was down there before but when you're not with friends you tend to see more, I think.

The only trouble really was the complete lack of places to eat. The town was extremely quiet and there was hardly anyone in the pubs, but in summer that's not the case. I really enjoyed my little trip down, and will probably be looking for excuses to go down again! 

31001.jpg Kisses!: Laura and Suzanne in Kiely's
31002.jpg Howth: View from the lighthouse at Howth
31003.jpg Sunset: A young couple enjoy the sunset at Howth
31004.jpg Enniscrone Beach: How about this for a walk to work
31005.jpg Beer: Fashion goes wild in Kiely's
31006.jpg Voodoo: Lots of styley t-shirt designs
31007.jpg Fun and games: Brian and pals
31008.jpg Snow: The lads in Boston
31009.jpg Snow: The lads in Boston
31010.jpg Boston: The lads in Boston
31011.jpg Score!: John gets on well with the American girls


Ben Visiting

Some of you may know my friend Ben, as featured in my Lowestoft special a long time ago. Well Ben is coming over for Paddy's weekend, so we'll be out on the town the whole weekend! If anyone has any parties lined up and you don't mind a crazy photographer trying to get the girls to kiss each other, let me know.


A good night we had in Kiely's on Friday. Some Company S crew were leaving so JohnO, Richie, Nobby and John Mc were down seeing them off. Interesting few pictures there I think.

Domhnall's site/Dracula

Check out my latest creation: Actor Domhnall O'Donoghue's website, I went to see Domhnall in the lead role of Jonathan in a play of Dracula recently and he was really good. We're hoping he'll be a superstar; he's got the potential! Let me know what you think of the site from a creative point of view, or report any errors back to me at the address to the right, stating what browser you use, if that's your buzz.

Slane Line-up announced

What a deadly line-up announced for Slane. As you know I am a fan of Slane concerts, doing whatever I have to to go! Well I think I'll be buying a ticket to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. It's interesting to see who gets to do Slane, I often wonder who is big enough to fill it, i.e. who's the biggest rock band in the world right now! So yeah, I like the line-up. I'll probably be there! More details at the 2fm gig gide.





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