Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking | 11 April 2003 | week 315

Ben watches the parade in Dublin.

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31501.jpg Custom House: The Custom House on Patrick's night at the fireworks
31502.jpg Dangerous!: Girl being pulled off the toilet by her feet
31503.jpg Amazement: A little boy watches the fireworks
31504.jpg Working late: Workers in nearby office blacks watch the fireworks
31505.jpg Flash!: John, Gillo, Ruth, Ben, Waltzer... We're all there somehwere!
31506.jpg Ben: Ben watches the parade from the central bank
31507.jpg Sun: One of the more impressive floats
31508.jpg Drinking again: The lads on Patricks day: John, Ben, Waltzer
31509.jpg Mist: Mist over the Liffey on Paddy's night
31510.jpg Mist : Mist over the Liffey
31511.jpg Molly: Molly on the windy pier in howth

Patrick's Weekend: A diary

Thursday 13th

Ben arrived for a visit. When I finished work I met him in town and we went into Kehoes for a quick one before heading home to freshen up. Then we visited the Porter House, had a nice pint of Oyster Stout. Ben thought I was having him on when I told him to order two pints of Oyster while I went to find a seat!

Then we headed over to Messrs Maguire to meet John McClean, Richie and Nobby. We had a pint or two there while Ben got to know the lads and everyone checked out the pretty girls. We soon left to go to Pravda, but it was a bit dead. Nevertheless we had a pint there (I pretended to Richie I'd never had Erdinger so I could try his!).

We left to go to Panama. We walked by that hotel there on the quays, the one with the lions outside. John walked on ahead and asked the bouncer if we could go in. He said yeah, but when the guys and I got to the door and saw the leprechauns painted on the windows and heard the diddely-aye music, I just said pffff and sneered at the place, walking on. But when we got to Panama it was closed! On the way back John asked the bouncer again if we could go in and he says "Sorry lads, private function" giving me a smug look! Well I deserved it!

So we continued down to Zanzibar, Richie leggin' it off at this stage! I'd never been in Zanzibar, but it seemed ok at that hour of the night! I started getting hiccups and feeling full after only two mouthfuls (and I think I spilled the same amount on the floor). So Ben and I headed home to sleep after the long day.

Friday 14th
Went around the shops and streets chilling the beans. Called into Mandy in the Egg Depot Florist. Looked at some clothes shops, I bought a Wonka t-shirt (to go with my love for all things Wonka, if you know what I mean ;-)

I had to meet my sis Elaine on Baggot Street, and while waiting for her I bumped into one of my bosses, Conor. He told me to pop into company N, (where Manzor works now), as Kieran and Susan were down there. Well I'd been chatting to one of the staff before and thought Dave might be there, so went in for the crack. Ben was with me, and when Kieran saw me he was very confused indeed! He couldn't remember if I was working that day or what, and what the hell would I be doing here whether I was or not! It was very funny!

Early that night Ben and I went into Sosume for a couple. I made some calls to see what the story was with the Friday night's drinking: Brian was too hungover, Liam was on his way home, Mick was out locally, John Owens was away, Molly wasn't going out, and Gillo was in Swords. So we walked down to Chez Mollez, (a.k.a. 32), got some beers, some whiskey and a pile of Indian food. We watched telly, chatted with Ruth, Marie and Molly, and drank the beer till 4.30. At that stage the hallucinations and delusions took over my tired head, and I kept waking up shouting "Tennis Racket" or  "Paracetemol."

Saturday 15th
We went to Roddy Boland's for breakfast, deadly breakfast there, but no eggs! We were the first there! We then left Molly and headed home. We got ready and hit the White Horse early, to get a good view of the fireworks. When we got there, Brian was already on the scene. When it was nearly time for the fireworks, we wondered why the quay wasn't busy (and across the river it was black!) We soon found out: the coppers weren't letting anyone watch the fireworks from our quay! We had to leg it around the corner and find a good spot. Well they were fairly mediocre compared to last year (if I remember last year correctly!) The music was diddley-aye this year, compared to contemporary tunes like U2 last year. Bad form.

We all met up after in Mulligans, then hit Temple Bar for food and a bite. Alright Bob's was €8 in, the Porter House had a cue outside, so we ended up in the Turk's Head. Everyone was a bit knackered so the party broke up about 12. When I got home meself and Ben watched Being John Malcovich but I kept dozing off! Fun and games. Hopefully we can hook up with Mandy or Gillo tomorrow night.

Sunday 16th
Got up early and Dad gave us a lift to Navan. Had a beer at home in the garden, then went to Dunderry Lodge for a nice lunch. While waiting for our table the young fella asked what drinks did we want. Ben asked for a bottle of Bud, your man says they had no bottles of Bud, only pints. So Ben asks What bottles do you have? And your man says "Bulmers…" I had to look away I was about to laugh - Bulmers is hardly a substitute for Bud. Then unbelievably he continued to list the bottles they had: Smirnoff, Bacardi, Sambuca…" I was trying not to laugh, then dad says "No, what beer bottles have you got!" Such a laugh, the poor little fella probably didn't even drink yet himself. ("Oh you've no Bud? Well I'll have a Tequila Slammer then.")

Dinner was lovely there incidentally; I had a nice big bloody steak. ("You can get a steak here, Daddyo" for those of you who know the reference).

We soon found ourselves getting off the bus on O'Connell Street, walked down to Solas, (formerly The Modern Green Bar) and met up with Gillo, Viv, Bern, Bulb, Tessa, Marie, Ruth, Noddy, McClean, and Molly. When Solas closed, the DJ started playing his own favourite music and it was bleedin' rapid. Pity it was closed! We went into RiRa, with my half of the crew, Gillo's boys and girls went off to The Village. Had fun in RiRa, some of the music was good. I went to the toilet at one stage and when I got back the lights were on and the floor was empty: I realised it was over. (Without me falling asleep or going home I hear you ask?!) Yes indeed, I'd not seen the end of a night club since I was a teenager! Usually I've had enough to drink, but tonight I tried a new technique: drinking vodka and Coke. Not the most amazing discovery, but it worked really well for me: I didn't get tired or full, and less trips to the toilets were required!

We went into the delicious Lemon Jelly then, the cue for Charlies II being too long. There was only four of us left at this stage: Molly, Ben and Marie. Then Ben and I walked home then cos everyone was trying to hail a taxi on the river. A good night, pity we didn't get to see Mandy though!

Monday 17th, St. Patrick's day
Had a bit of a fry and went into town for 1.00. Couldn't get somewhere to see the parade from, so we finally went down to the Central Bank. The parade was better than I expected, one brass band were particularly good, I wanted to follow them down the street! They were really kicking it, really exciting music.

Once it was over, we all went to meet in the Pav in Trinity, but it was closed! Of course I didn't know until I had walked the whole way around! Ben and I met Brian then at the north end of Grafton Street and went into Bruxells. It was completely jammers, but the best we had found in the area. We got a text from the girls "We're in the green eating candy floss and ice cream, where are ye?" I looked at the lads with our pints of Guinness standing inches from each other in this crowded pub and had to laugh!

Once we found Molly, Ruth and Marie, we went into Bar Mizu (is that it?) in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. Stayed there a good while, McClean came in. Then some of us went to Rathmines on the bus. Got a pile of Chinese and beer, and watched the Holy Grail. Got a taxi late and just went to bed. I have tomorrow off too! Fun and games!

Tuesday 18
Got up nice and late, Mairead and Ruth called over and took us to Howth. We went for a walk along the pier before having some nice fish 'n chips in a pub there. Molly took us to the airport and we said goodbye to Ben. He said he had a good time!

When we got back to the gaff we looked at old photos and played computer games. I showed Ruth how to mix music, DJ styley. Such a laugh!

A deadly weekend was had by all, especially me! I hope it was fun for you to read about! Now get back to work and don't expect an update for a couple of weeks!

Coming soon: Company P go to the dogs! We find out what's going on with that Arcade Machine project! Good Friday drinking sessions and barbeques. All the usual quotes and rubbish again next week! Hopefully!

Cheers and sorry for the delay!





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