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The Wedding Episode
week 32 : 07 august 2000

People taking photographs

Caroline touches up Elaine's lipstick   Cathal and Kirsty pose in front of the altar   Conor and his little cousin hold hands in front of the church   Suzanne throws back a tequila under severe peer presure   Kirsty dancing to some cool 80's song (probably)

Kirsty and Cathal's Wedding: People taking pictures of the happy couple with their son, Conor; Caroline and Elaine touch up their lip-stick; Kirsty and Cathal pose for a photograph in front of the altar; Conor and his cousin hold hands in front of the church with the Bride's maids, Terry and Kate behind him; Suzanne knocks back a tequila to the encouragement of Suzanne, Michelle, Janet, Kate and Stephen; and Kirsty dances the night away in her wedding dress.


Viv: Trying to describe Johnny Fox's pub
"Do you know that pub in the mountains called Johnny Wolves?"

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Kirsty and Cathal Marry

I am delighted to report that my cousin and friend, Kirsty McDonald, has married her boyfriend, Cathal Devilly.

The Wedding was a great day out and it went very smoothly, except for Conor, their son, getting hiccups during the ceremony, "Love Shack" being played a bit too loudly during the priest's blessing of the meal and my part to play in losing the guest book...

I had never been to a wedding before, and I hope they will all be as good at this one! Everything about it was great, the glamour, the atmosphere, the delicious meal, the outnumbering of girls to lads! My brother Steve and I had dinner at a table with six of Kirsty's lovely* friends, Suzanne, Michelle, Lorraine, Janet, Catherine and (another) Suzanne. Even the dancing was good: The DJ dropped tunes such as "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Uptown Girl", both of which brought back memories to all the 20-somethings in the house.

One amusing anecdote is that I was chatting to an Australian girl, Yvonne, a friend of Cathal's. Well I thought I was getting on grand with her, and then later the DJ announced that she got engaged that night! So I just said "Goddamn". Then later on as I was leaving, I said to her "Congratulations on getting engaged" and she said "Oh that was just a joke one of the lads played on me". So all I could say was "Goddamn" again!

But the whole thing was great. I met a lot of interesting, glamorous and fun people. There has been only a few times in my life that a party was so enjoyable that I felt depressed afterwards. Kirsty's wedding was one of those times.

 Top 10

Tips For Becoming A Scanger Everyone loves scangers, and now is your chance to become one yourself. It's not too hard, and well worth it...

10. Jewellery
Enormous sovereign rings worn on every finger. Chain hanging outside jumper. For the girls large and studded hoopy earrings are your only man.

9. Clothing
Diamond jumpers and Scanda Jacket essential part of wardrobe. These compliment the tracksuits down to a tee.

8. Bedroom
Posters of Tupac to be placed on bedroom wall. For girls David Beckham or Ronan Keating will suffice.

7. Wallet
Always carry a packet of Rizla at all times, just in case.

6. Knowledge
Know the Macari's Takeaway menu off by heart.

5. Accessories
Moped essential for driving around with the helmet on top of the head. Pram and small child essential for the young up and coming scanger girl of today.

4. Newspapers
Copy of the Sun in back pocket at all times.

3. Facial Expression
Constantly have scowl on your face.

2. Names
Name must end with an o at the end,(Example Anto, Rayo, Johno, Micko) and with an e for the girls - Natalie, Tracey, Shazy.

1. City Centre
City centre consists of Henry and O Connell streets. Don't go further south of the Liffey in case you fall off the edge of the world.

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 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Getting Old(er)!

Every now and again something happens that makes me feel that another part of my youth is gone and I am getting older. I like being my age but I have to say that sometimes I wonder if I appreciated my days as a child.

Kirsty and I used to hang around together as kids, and now that she is married and has Conor, it makes me realise that I am not a kid any more. I feel like a little part of me is gone somehow. Silly really, I mean her being married isn't going to change anything between us.

But the point is that getting older is not all it's cracked up to be when you're a kid. I wish I knew that then. My Dad probably told me it but you don't listen. How can you understand something like that when you are dying to be 18 so you can drink and all?

Well I won't let it happen to me this time. My dad and numerous other people say that they wish they were 23 again, and I am going to make damn sure that I don't let 23 pass me by without remembering every day that I will never be this young again.

So I am living happy, making memories, and making sure that nothing petty gets in my way of living.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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