Exclusive photographs from the wedding of the year! | 22 July 2003 | week 330

Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding  Mandy's Wedding 

33001.jpg The Girls: Triona, Mandy and Molly at the reception
33002.jpg Siobhan!: Siobhan with Mandy
33003.jpg Billy rests his feet: on the poor pageboy's shoulders
33004.jpg Use irresponsibly!: Cameras urge us to use them irresponsibly!
33005.jpg Siobhan and Brian
33006.jpg Billy and Joanne: Joanne heavily pregnant!
33007.jpg Siobhan and Brian: Siobhan with boyfriend Brian
33008.jpg Molly and Triona: Fantastic!
33009.jpg Brian and Waltzer: Strike a pose! Matrix styley!
33010.jpg Aww!: Isn't that cute!

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Mandy and Billy's wedding

I had the pleasure to witness the marriage of Mandy and Billy in Mallahide last week. Billy cut his dreds off for the occasion, and wore a black crushed velvet jacket. Mandy looked beautiful wearing a Celtic Tiara in her long hair with a red streak in it. The red streak possibly a throwback to her goth days! She wore an amazing white dress which went to the ground with a little train and she wore a light summer coat over it that also went the ground with a train.

Once the ceremony was underway, the priest was a bit funky, and he told us to get out of our seats and into the isles to meet each other and talk together. Everyone was dumbfounded at first, then we all got out and made an effort to shake hands and say hello to people who we didn't know. It was nice, but so strange!

Molly and Triona!

After the ceremony, we realised that there was no bus to take us to the reception. Mairead and Triona got a lift from Siobhan, but Brian and I were left behind. There was a bus across the road that was hired by some of the guests, so we asked nicely and they let us on. Next thing the bus was on the road and Mandy's English cousin Laurence handed out cups of champagne! The girls were divils when they drove by and saw us celebrating early!

Billy balances his feet on the poor pageboy

When we arrived at the reception, Mandy and Billy were greeting everyone and telling us to get a complementary drink at the bar. I recognised the photographer from my DIT class, Paul Kelly. I chatted to him for a while, and took in the garden and the beautiful frocks all the girls were wearing. Molly and Tri looked especially well with their new guna and shoes and bags. Styley!

While we waited for our dinner, Billy entertained us with the story of the first kiss between him and Mandy in her back garden! Soon the food came out, and it was absolutely delicious, Mandy later said "That's why we dragged you all the way out here!"

Brian and Waltzer strike a pose

The cake, surprisingly, was crafted not from sponge and icing, but from muffins! Trays of muffins, chocolate and blueberry were stacked on columns to replicate a cake effect. Deadly!

After lots of dancing and drinking, at about 2am, the bar would only serve the residents. So we tried a few tricks: first was to memorise a name and room number by standing around the bar and listing to what's being quoted to the bar man. That wasn't very effective, so we tried to get a room. (I know, there was six of us!) All the rooms were sold out, so we just went outside, where the party was continuing on with Mandy and Billy wandering around chatting to everyone. When our taxis arrived, Mandy and Billy were heading off to bed holding hands, all their friends were inside and outside the hotel, chatting away, having fun, and happy out.

Brian and Molly kissing Triona

Joanne has baby girl

Joanne sent me a text: She's had a baby girl, Eleanor, on 17th July at 8.45pm. The baby was 8lbs.

Fun and Games


Check out Isobel's blog, there's some fantastic photos to be seen there. It's cool having friends who like photography.

Izzy is in New Zealand at the moment. She has uploaded a few more photos, www.invisobelphotos.blogspot.com. and has started a new blog for the New Zealand part of the trip.

That Wrecks Me Buzz!

Kinder Surprise

Do you remember that ad for Kinder Surprise? A woman was heading out and asked the kids what they wanted. The kids said "Chocolate, a toy and a surprise." Cuts to the woman in the shop (counting 3 on her fingers and thumb, bizarrely) "but that's three wishes all in one. It's not possible."

Firstly, why the hell does she even consider attempting to get something that has all those "wishes" wrapped up in one? Let the little brats be happy with whatever they're given! Or if you want to spoil them, get them three presents. Where did she get the idea that whatever the kids want, not only does she have to get it, but she has to find it all in one item. Otherwise she's doomed to walking around the supermarket with her thumb and two fingers sticking out wondering if it's possible. I tell ya, thank god for Kinder Surprise for solving that particular problem.

Next week...

Coming soon to this fantastic website: Photos of Witnness 03, and then photos of Waltzer 26! Deadly buzz!





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