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week 34 : 21 august 2000

Some of the girls    Paul and Jub Jub    Aiden, Sally and Sarah

Moira's Wedding Dara, Nicola, Joanne, Clodagh, Ciara, Mary Kate, Paul, Jody, Aiden, Sally, Sarah. Sorry, not clickable! More on my desk if you work in the Business House. And only a day late!


Moose: Guessing what the new building will be
"It's an O'Briens. It's the right colour... I know it's just the primer..."

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Waltzer Experience is 30 Weeks Old!

Waltzer Party SolutionsBack in the day, before the Waltzer Experience had it's launch as a Work/Culture site, it was a DJ site with a funky picture that I was using to promote my DJing.

Waltzer Experience Fresh! Since I don't do much DJing and as I became swallowed up by Dublin culture and this wretched corporate culture simultaneously, I thought I would change the Waltzer Experience to reflect that. And here is the product of that, with one re-design that went down with mixed reaction.

Waltzer Experience Now!But I think all in all, judging by the positive reaction I get and from the statistics, I think the Experience is on the right track. And the recent addition of external writers has generated a buzz among people to contribute themselves.

Moira and Shane Marry

Friday saw the wedding one of my favourite Business House girls and one of the IT house lads. I was at the afters and I am delighted to report that it was indeed a good night. St Helen's Radison hotel was the exclusive venue for a glamorous night of socialising and meeting new people.

When we got to the end of the night, they wouldn't let us into the residents bar, so we went upstairs and tried to walk over the bar and attack from the rear, to no avail. So Breffni took us for an All Back To Mine, where myself and Tony promptly fell asleep. I woke up to find Mary Kate taking my half-full wine glass from my hand. Then it was back to Jody's where he chatted and smoked a cigar while I nodded off. This was about 5am. Up at 9 the next morning and off to Paddy Cullens in Ballsbridge at noon before we had any breakfast to sink four beers and chase the hangover away. So all in all, a great night. And congratulations to the happy couple.


Next Weekend I am going to Lowestoft, England to visit my friend Ben. So I will broadcast the Experience from England sometime on Monday.

 Mo' Bia

BBQ Style Honey Sausages
Mo delivers week 2 of Mo' Bia.

Method: Grill
Time: 10-15 minutes
Serve with :Sweet chilli sauce (spicy)

Sausages 01 Prick sausages with a knife
02 Drip honey all over
03 Put on grill honey side up, turn over and add honey to other side


Jub Jub falls over flex

Shock and horror were expressed last week when Jub Jub, aka Jody, fell over the flex of the large floor-standing fan. The Jubster was walking by the offending fan when his foot got caught in the flex, sending him stumbling to the ground.

Witnesses said that they heard a fumbling noise, but it got heavier and concluded with a loud thud. "It's about time someone fell over that lead" one witness put it to me, "It was an accident waiting to happen."

Safety experts are doing an examination of the scene at present, but one of them said to me "I have no sympathy for him, he knew what he was getting into when he took the job." Jub Jub's condition is described as "As stable as is possible after an accident like this" by his doctor. Analysts say that the therapy alone could cost thousands. The Jubster would not comment on whether he was considering legal action.

 Featured Site

[Dancing Paul]

The Internet made available all sorts of dancing things, like the dancing baby, hamsterdance and the Jesus dance, but now check out Dancing Paul page. This interactive Flash movie allows you to choose the type of dancing, the background and the crew for this guy, Paul. (Nothing to do with any of our Pauls.) This has been sent around the office and went down well with some of the crew. Check it out!

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 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Getting Locked Out

Jody "Jub Jub" Fitzpatrick on a recent night that went horribly wrong.

11p.m. Arrive home from Kiely's pub, Donnybrook after quaffing a number of sociable ales with The Waltzer and Martin. To my total disgust I find the door locked and no one in da haus. I ponder this situation and remember that I left the key with my brother who was returning home from holiday. In the meantime he has come and gone and taken the key away with him down to Tipperary.
11.05p.m. I catch the Waltzer at the bus stop for the 45, which gets him to Bray. In the spirit of Waltzer.Net he offers me shelter in the Waltzer Ponderosa in Bray. I politely refuse as I have a fiendishly cunning plan. I realise that my two cousins who have occupied the bruvver's room while he was on holiday should be returning soon with a key to the house. All my trials will soon be over, as the King once sang.
11.15p.m. To kill the time between my cousins return which I estimate to be around 1.00a.m. I decide to go for a few unsociable ales. I start off in one of my local boozers, Paddy Cullens but soon decide to leave as I feel like a total Johnny No Mates.
11.45p.m. I make for the Horseshow House, another old haunt of mine that is also in da hood. No solace here. I look as dodgy as feck, sitting there again supping on my own. I'd initiate some conversation only I have the good sense to realise that it's neither the time nor the place.

12.45a.m. The gaffer calls time. I polish off what's left of my ale and head for home full of expectancy. Still the same old story. Now I'm worried. I revise the girls' e.t.a. of 1.00am and set it back to 3.00a.m. Being muckers like myself, I reason that they've gone to Major Tom's, Coppers or some other whiskey-drinkin, butt-kicking emporium. I also realise that I have left my bike in Donnybrook. I decide to take the direct route hoping my bike hasn't been fecked. The direct route involves trudging through a river walk that runs between the Dodder River and Herbert Park. It's sleepy hollow stuff only with syringe wielding scumbags. Luckily the path is quiet and I make it to Donnybrook unaccosted.
1.00a.m. Unlock my bike and decide on an Abrakebabra. Now this wouldn't normally be my platter of choice at the end of a night but sure as I say to myself it will suffice.
1.15a.m. Leave the Kebab house after admiring the great looks and competent skill of the shop's supervisor. Grand girl ya are.
1.30a.m. Back to the house no sign of life. I don't want to hang around the house and have the fuzz alerted so I sit down near a garage on the main road.
3.30a.m. Some guy asks me for a cigarette and I duly oblige. Noticing that the cigarette is bent, he asks me if I am too. A guard wouldn't ask a question like that but I reply that I'm not. When he asks my name and I say it's Jody he doubts if I really am straight.
4.45a.m. I now realise that the girls are not coming back. I leave my position between the shrubs and the neighbours bins and muster my last bit of strength to scale the wall into my backyard.
5.00a.m. Take up the foetal position in the garden shed and cover myself with some overalls and dry clothes. Proceed to dream, mainly about my cousins coming home and letting me in and I later wake to turn on the tumble drier for some supplementary heat.
1.00p.m. Finally wake up, change into some clean clothes that were left in the shed, jump the wall and head to the Horseshow House for a facewash and a pint. Ring my brother Gerry, turns out that he had a key he could have given me the night before! Wait around till 5.00p.m for him to come with the key, only to get a right slagging when he does.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

 Wage Slave    Exclusive to The Waltzer Experience!
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