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week 37 : 11 september 2000

Fiona Tom Rosylnt Ger, Rajiv John Nessa

Fiona's Last Night:Clickable! Fiona before she was hopelessly drunk; Tom thinking about operating systems; Rosilynth looking very well indeed, Ger & Rajiv caught by surprise, John the fashion victim, Nessa throws some shapes on the floor.


Jay: to my "Have you been looking for a new job?"
"No, I'm too buzy."

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Fiona Leaves The House

"Fiona Upstairs", as she became known to most of us, has left the house. Fiona was with us for 14 months and worked as a programmer. Fiona is going back to college, so we needn't worry about her defecting to a competitor!

Well we all went out to Russell's to lament the departure of our much-admired co-worker. And what a night it was too. I hadn't seen most of the programmer crew for ages, and I also bumped into my cousin who enjoyed meeting various members of the crew.

It's sad to see Fiona leave, but we all have to move on sooner or later. More are expected to leave soon, so there will be a few more parties, and a few less happy faces in the office.

 Top 10

Things People Hate Most About Work have compiled a Top 10 about what people hate about work.

10. Meetings

09. Customer complaints

08. The Office Plan

07. Work Colleagues

06. Deadlines

05. Nursing a hangover and work load

04. Computers with a mind of their own

03. The boss

02. The office bully

01. Working 9 to 5

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

"Design" jobs with no creativity.

Waltzer on logical and creative thinking.

When is a designer not a designer? It depends on whether you think a designer is a graphic artist or a multimedia architect.

When I started the job I have now, I was hired as a graphic designer. We had to create cool retro pixel graphics, and we loved the challenge of creating something creative with a very limited palette and on such a low-resolution display. Now everything we do is in Flash. The evil of the web, some say. Now we have a library of uninspired images, procedures for everything, and too few opportunities to be creative. Most of the designers' time is taken up with trying to understand and solve problems that arise from the plethora of complications presented by Flash. I spend two-thirds of the productive part of the day working on the project, and the other third giving advice, showing people how to do technical things, and solving their technical problems.

There is nothing that I can complain about to the company, and it's no discredit to them. I just wish I were doing something more creative.

I remember being at college, given hypothetical briefs and coming up with really cool solutions. There is none of that in my present job. As much as I like the technical aspect of the job, I still think design, as graphic art, is a very satisfying, demanding and interesting thing to be doing.

So it wrecks me buzz to be constantly thinking logically instead of creatively. Hopefully I will be able to remedy that very soon.

Now that wrecks me buzz.