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week 39 : 25 september 2000

RayGillo and KanerLauren, Glenn, Shane
Ray and GlennThe Jubster and The WaltzerSuzanne, The Kaner and DebbieRay and The JubsterThe Waltzer and Aimee

Ray's Last Night:Clickable! Ray enjoys a pint of beer; Gillo asks Kaner if he knows hime from somewhere; Glenn chats up Austrailian tourist, Lauren while Shane smokes a fag; Ray and Glenn straight out of the fires of Hell; The Jubster lights up a fag for The Waltzer (don't try this at home, kids); The Kaner takes care of his girls, Suzanne and Debbie; Ray poses with The Jubster, who looks like he is enjoying the night tremendously; The Waltzer with Austrailian tourist Aimee.


Paul: On how rough Russell's is
"I could feel my tash growing, just standing there."

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Ray Leaves The House

Friday saw the last of Ray's contribution to the house. Ray is a great auld character, and we all wish him the best of luck. Ray hadn't much to say at his leaving speech, preferring instead to write it as a "That Wrecks Me Buzz" in this website.

We went to the White Horse after Russell's, where we met those two foxy Ausrtailian girls, and Kaner's two beautiful ladies from up North (Swords). Of course some of the hardcore crew ended up in Ri-Ra's for a late couple. Then it was on to Fiona's house party the next night...

But respect to the Ray lad, the finder of lost t-shirts, the owner of the slogan raymadethis and a very talented designer. Next week: Dermot and Viv leave!

BarnBrack T-Shirts Arrive

The long-awaited BarnBrack Fun and Crack tour '73 t-shirts have arrived, but we have to send them back to be finished. The elusive t-shirts came back from the printers with the tour dates missing, much to everyone's disappointment.

The t-shirts signal the second wave of interest in small time band BarnBrack, which started off after this reporter placed a fake ad that they were playing Ashton's in Clonskeagh at the end of that week. This led to a number of designers playing around with the image of BarnBrack, including a great one Kaner did with the faces of Paddy, Hufty and Mossey replaced with the faces of The Juggler, The Waltzer and The Jubster. (Viv, Al and Jody). The BarmBrack revival came to a climax when a friend of Martin's did an avi of the base image with animated mouths singing to some country song. Next week expect photos of the boys wearing the shirts if we get them back in time, and you can download all the files we created too.


Fiona Throws Wicked Party

Our Fiona is off to Portugal this week. To say good-bye to us, she threw one hell of a good house party last night (Saturday). Some of us went to Blackrock for a nostalgic drink before we ventured down to the party. There we were standing at Glenageary Dart station trying to decide where to go, when Fiona pulls up in her car and takes us directly to the party.

Inside there were glamorous people from all over the world enjoying the atmosphere. At one stage the front room was full and I was the only Irish person in it! Food and drink were aplenty, as were friendly faces and people willing to chat. I took some pictures, but I won't have them developed until next week. We stayed up chatting until 5.30 before conking out on the floor! I had to have a pint to steady myself the next morning, which was enjoyed to the sounds of Mark playing riffs of different songs while the German version of 99 Red Balloons played in the background. And when we eventually left, there was so much drink left over that we all got a load to take home, along with a handful of records that they couldn't fit into the boxes to bring over to Portugal. What a cool party.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Leaving The Business House

Ray O'Neill reflects on his departure from the House.

Did you ever notice sometimes, that just when things are going right the way you want to they have a habit of changing. For example, movies on the telly, just be before the all action scene the advents come up for shower gel, dog food etc. or to the other spectrum of the scale. You just finished paying for repairs and tax to your car and you get a neat little letter to say you're up in court to pay a fine for driving in the first place. My whole point is just when everything is moving along smoothly a new situation arises. Which brings me on to the point of leaving the Business House.

My last job, I won't mention any names but it was similar to the Third Reich, was a real eye opener. From the moment I got the job I knew I was leaving. I knew the day would come when I would get the pleasure to walk into the manager's office, shout "Zeig heil" and tell them I was liberated. Knowing that I was going to leave meant I had only one line of thought, unlike the Business House...

Starting with the Business House in Blackrock as one of the 4th Generation, I had found an environment that I had always wanted to work in. The work was difficult, only because it was new ground and that most of us were at the very front of developing a new product. Everyone worked together and there was never a time I can think that no one had time for anyone else. Yes, there were problems with wages and direction of the company and they are still on going today, but that never took away from the people who work on the third floor. They wanted something better and they went some way in getting it. That is a real quality in that group of people, unlike to many other places I worked in, where people's words spoke louder than actions.

Anyway just when I think I am settled there's a change, there are new directions I have an open to me, that I feel would be crazy to let go. Right now, I would like to thank all the people I worked with, I have really enjoyed my time and I wish everybody in "da house" as much success as they can get.

Like I said earlier I, just as everything moves along smoothly it all changes...

Now that wrecks me buzz.

 Wage Slave    

Philip assures me that he will get back into writing the Wage Slave very soon. I look forward to it as much as you do! In case you were wondering what last week's episode was all about, it was about waiting for a bus! Here it is again to remind you:

"Dublin is renowned for it's literary works of fiction.
And indeed there are many people queuing beside them every day.
But they don't read them any more for the story is always the same.
One comes when you least expect and invariably with a couple of comrades in tow. This is it."