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Everyone on the surface is having a better time
13 January 2004 | week 403

Happy new year: Steve, Joanna, Kate, Elaine, Krystle, Meave, Peter, Waltzer, Susan, Johnny, Catherine, snowman

Pictured this week (clockwise from top left), 1. Steve and Eilish, 2. Marta and Joanna, 3. Kate, Steve, Elaine, 4. Krystle, 5. Maeve, 6. Johnny, 7. Snowman, 8. Sunset, 9. Catherine and Waltzer, 10. Peter, 11. Waltzer and Susan.
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Hello and happy New Year! I hope everyone is in good form! I have a good feeling about this year, I hope it brings us all lots of happiness and success.


I hope you enjoy the photos this week, I haven't been taking so many recently, but I'll start again soon no doubt! There are lots of different events mixed up in this week's selection, including Kate's 21st, Christmas in Naaavan, Halloween, Revels Rathfarnham and my trip to Lowestoft.

What I've been up to

Professionally, I've been working on a few things, namely the Acts of the Oireachtas website. I designed that. It's not bad but I would prefer to have more time to work on it. I have been commissioned to create some art for Liam's new house, a request that was suggested jokingly but I think it's something I'd like to take seriously. I'll have a few more interesting design projects to reveal in time. I've also been working on producing and directing a short film soon, details of that later.

Socially, it's been pretty cool, I went to see BellX1, The LA Doors, David Bowie, I went over to London again, and to Lowestoft, and before that trip I was in Blackpool with Brian and his friends. And I hope to start up Poker nights in the Waltzer Lounge soon once things calm down.

I played DJ at a fantastic party in Brian's gaff, the music and the atmosphere was deadly, I recommend Brian's parties to anyone if DJ Waltzer is on the decks!

Fun and games

Company P Christmas party

The last time the company had a party my boss threatened to throw my camera out the window if I took a photo of him. It seems that he isn't too fond of having his picture taken, and would rather replace my "800" camera than let me take a photo of him. I was warned not to bring the camera to our Christmas party, so I dutifully respected that and left the camera at home. (I must add that the boss wasn't the only one "recommending" I leave the camera at home that night!)

So after a couple of hours at the party the boss says to me "Well Alan, where's the camera tonight?" I said "You told me to leave it at home!" Well I tell you, he spent the next half hour and every time he saw me after apologising and telling me that I should have brought it and he didn't mean me to take him so seriously and all this! So if you are hoping there might be a few photos of all the beautiful people from Company P all dressed up looking sharp, then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed, but at least you know who to blame!

The Christmas party, incidentally, was good fun. We had a delish meal in Siam Thai after a swift couple in O'Neills on Suffolk Street. Then it was on to The Library Bar in the Central Hotel for complementary drinks. We went to Ri-Ra after that, where my jacket caught fire cos I stuffed it into a lamp fitting so I wouldn't have to queue for the cloakroom. Some specialist DJ was playing a lot of old-school rap and r&b and the like. Which was unfortunate because I was really in the mood for dancin' and I had to go out to Solaaar in Naaavan a few days later to get me dancing buzz. Yeah!

Around the world in 80 seconds

Steve off on world trip and other snippets

My brother Steve is off to travel the world, he started out in New York for New Years Eve and then has a couple of stops across the US before heading out to Japan, Australia, Europe and back home again. He's travelling with his college friend Mick and their trip should take about 8 months, so fair play and I wish them well!

Tony has left the company, as has our beautiful secretary Krystle. They will both be missed for different reasons!

My English pal Ben got engaged to his lovely Polish girlfriend Marta on New Years Eve. Ben and Marta met while we were on holiday in Greece a few years ago, and they have been going out since then. Ahh young love.

Media stuff

Music watch

Check this out: Top of the Pops is 40 and they have a tribute page on the BBC site. You can watch the old intros, look at the old annual covers, and even find out what year T'Pau had a Christmas number one hit with China in your Hand!

Some of the lads have been looking at this video for the song Satisfaction. Inexplicably, many of the lads got drills and other power tools for Christmas.

I have to recommend this song: The Raveonettes / Heartbreak Stroll. It is so good, my new favourite song. Have a listen here, visit their site

Check out Phantom's Top 100 Albums, broadcast over Christmas.


Well I have decided to make a short film. I don't want to give away too much at the moment, but it will be a 15 minute or less short film. Me old mate Jody is writing it and I'll be directing. I have a lot of friends signed up to take on different roles. It will be a fun project to do and will be a great opportunity to work on some non-commercial, non-computer stuff while meeting new people and having lots of fun. If you think you might be able to help us please get in touch and let me know what you can do!





Wage Slave
Kaner Memories



Susan: "You never get heavy rock here. You get guys into Megadeath going to see Bon Jovi."


Everything in entire world now an "Experience"

Christmas MP3s deleted

Nitelink bus ticket conveniently purchased on






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