The Waltzer Experience :w: 
The rather vintage episode
week 41 : 09 october 2000

Aoife   Al and Fergus   Fiona   Ray and Dermot
  Siobhan and Matt   Phil and Mark   Tony and Seamus   Pam, Phil, Fergus

Vintage:Clickable! Aoife looking beautiul as usual; Al Currie with his beer goggles on, Fergus who makes an appearance every now and again; The lovely Fiona giving a massage to the soon to leave and equally attractive Laura; Ray and Dermot back in the summer on the balcony of Russell's; The seductive vibes of Siobhan didn't go unnoticed, (Gillo in the background); Phil enjoys an expensive beer in Belgo's with Mark; Tony and Seamus smile away while being morphed in a freaky Photoshop fashion; and our old favourite, Pam, working diligently as usual, keeping the old Blackrock office running. Respect. Sorry if your picture didn't make it in, time and space constraints! If you have left the company in the last 18 months, drop me a line, we'd love to catch up with you.



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Waltzer Appears in National Newspaper

The Waltzer was photographed with one of the Bosses in the Irish Times Newspaper on Friday. The photograph appeared on the back page of the business supplement to launch the new Business House product. This link might take you to an article on the Irish Times.

Drinks With "Work" Crew?

I was drinking with some of the work crew on Friday when one of my old school mates asked me if we were all from the same place. I instinctively said yes, but when I looked around, I was the only one at the table that is still working here! There was Aoife, Phil, Mark, and Al Currie there. It was good to see them all again.


Content Low On

Outrage is being expressed by the Waltzer crew this week as their usual dose of serious and comic articles and images has been cut down to a miniscule level. Even the spelling wasn't checked! Well the Waltzer has been buzy with other projects which you are sure to enjoy equally well. But the Experience is still going to get a weekly output, don't you worry!

Al Currie Cuts His First Track

One of out most respected ex-designers, Alan Currie, has put out his first commercial record. Al and his friend Aaron set up Purgtory Records some time ago, and last week the pressings of the first record went out to the DJs. Al tells me that it's just a matter of time before we can walk into HMV and buy a copy. Watch this space for more details. And download an MP3 of it as soon as I get a copy... Only joking, Al!

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Being Too Busy For My Site

Waltzer scrapes together a quick one cos Tony broke his promise. The bollo...ho ho ho kids!

Tony promised a Wrecks Me Buzz, Phil a Wage Slave and I my usual antics, but what did I get for you this week? Nothing! People are busier these days. There is less time to do the creative things we like doing.

I love doing this site, it's creative, it's popular and it's a great platform for my web experiments. We should all simplify our lives and free up more time for doing the things we like doing. Computers were designed to make us more productive so we'd have more spare time. But it seems that we have become too busy now to live.

Now that wrecks me buzz.