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The unplanned ones are the best
10 March 2004 | week 411

Pictured this week (clockwise from top left): Elaine and Irene | Gillo (Matt) | Brian | Waltzer | Liam | Mairead and Marie | The band Hal
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Top Stories

School Disco

I went to School Disco there last week and got my photo on their website looking like a tool. As Des once said "SchoolDisco is like porn to me!" Super!

Company P

Well Liam has left our little company and moved to a big competing company! Traitor! But he's getting his punishment: he has to wear a suit to work every day!

Fun and games


Speaking of Des, I was in Wax on South William Street the other day and Des was DJing a fantastic set. It was groovy man. I always thought Des would play heavy stuff cos he's into Prodigy but he played some really cool stuff. I hope he doesn't mind but I'm gonna compare it to the Too Many DJs album for its variety of styles and genres tightly fused together to create more than the sum of its parts! Well done to the lads! He even got us on the guest list. Pity we didn't know that before we paid in though!


Have you forgotten how good they taste? The archives of the Waltzer Experience are fantastic for whiling away those hours you spend in your Internet café-cum-office.


Walls Balls on the market

Wall's BallsYes indeed I was a bit worried when I found Wall's Balls for sale in my local Londis.

Next delicious episode:

Pub Crawl 2004
Pub Crawl 2004 takes place in town this Saturday. Organised by Niall and supported by Waltzer.net, pubcrawl2004 will be an in-dept review of a variety of pubs around the city centre. Niall is doing up a questionnaire that will have to be answered after each pub, and the results will be posted on this site.

Music stuff


I got tickets to see The Doors in the Point, which is the Doors reformed with 2 of the original members. That's on in July the day after...

Witnness, which is called Oxegen this year. Its 130 yos for the full weekend with a camp site - a bit pricey but I think it should be bleedin' rapid. The Darkness man! Woo hoo!!

The Grey Album

This guy DJ Danger Mouse has mixed up Jay-Z's Black album with The Beatles' White album with crazy results. The resulting album, known as The Grey Album, is a mad fusion of styles. I'm not into Hip-Hop very much, but I love The Beatles and the combination is very enjoyable. Check it out, it should be available at that URL. If you're not convinced, have a read of this Rolling Stone article.


I got a good version of Kelis' Milkshake mixed with Madonna's 'Music' but I would love to get the Billie Jean version. Anyone have it? Have you all figured out what it means by now yeah?



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Liam: "That pint at lunchtime is killing me shtone dead"


Your one looks like a fella

Getting hit by lightening would be a deadly buzz

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