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Fair play to me!       28 May 2004 | week 422

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Summer arrives!

Woo hoo! We've been doing a lot of sitting out on grass, looking at barbeques and burning our skin. Throw in a few sunny afternoon drinkies and you know its summer time in Ireland!

And what a summer I have planned: Oxegen, Ayia Napa, The Doors, JohnO's Leaving Party, Tony's barbeque, Brian's barbeque, Galway, Enniscrone, London, the house parties, pubs, clubs and fields! And you can see it all here at!

Fun and games

Computer Gaming

I picked up a flyer for this game XIII in a pub somewhere. The flyer was so cool that it rekindled my enthusiasm for retro gaming, my arcade machine and shooting/platform games. So I downloaded a list of the best games to play on the arcade machine. Then I decided to upgrade my phone and actually download the game. A €29 upgrade to the Nokia 3510i and €6 payment for the game, and I was shooting away like there was no tomorrow. Fun and games!

Remember the old days of gaming? If you remember the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64 days, have a look at this hilarious animation: Hey Hey 16k, a song devoted to those days when you had to wait an eternity for your game to load and your character was only 5 pixels high! "We bought it to help you with your homework."

Fun and games at RTE

Molly took these photos of us at RTE meeting Dara O'Briain, Mary Coughlan and Ian Dempsy. Oh yeah it's all good! Thanks to Marie for getting us tickets.

Dara O'Briain was slagging me off for being from Navan! Not that I'm from Navan or anything!


The greatest song in the world

It's fun to listen to Tenacious D's "Tribute (to the greatest song in the world)" and then listen to U2's "One" which was recently voted the greatest song in the world by Q magazine.


See Bros have released a greatest hits album. Sure they only had one album and all their hits were on it and there wasn't enough to fill the album!! Yeah I used to be a bit of a Bros fan in my day and I wouldn't mind hearing a few bars of When Will I Be Famous or I Owe You Nothing but I think I'll pass on the greatest hits album!


Got the new Franz Ferdinand and The Vines albums there, pretty good stuff. Really looking forward to seeing Franz Ferdinand at Oxegen. Also looking forward to seeing: The Cure, The Strokes, HAL, Massive Attack, Orbital, Electric Six, Chemical Brothers, Bowie, The Darkness, Ash, Alphastates and of course Basement Jaxx. Check out the message board over there, very excited now!

Chart Archive

I found this site called it's got archives of the charts since the 50s. Great fun for looking up the music we were all listening to at certain times, like late November 1991 I remember looking forward to getting my Commodore 64 from Santy. Ha fun and games!

Retro Dance

Steve sent me a mail from Thailand "I was at a gig by the Dutch dj Ferry Corsten in KL's coolest club Zouk two nights ago. I was there with a dutch coule who assured me that Corsten was among the  top djs in the world at the moment, I hadnt heard of him. However at the club I read the flyer and it turns out he's released songs under the names of Moonman, System F and Gouryella!! I was instantly starstruck  and really enjoyed his set, he played a stormer and the locals were loving it! He finished off with Gouryella and Out of the Blue as the last tracks, pretty cool! It was funny cos we were practically the only westerners in the whole club but deadly atmosphere and its great to see how universal dance music is. One of the best nights since we left anyway, havnt been dancing in ages!

"So dust off those old classics- they're still worth a spin!"

So the next day I brought a rake of old CD singles to work and ripped them all to mp3 - Brainbug's Nightmare, Arial's Deep, Gouryella, Natural Born Grooves, Tom Wilson... oh yeah, meself and Fitzer were buzzin' off them for the next two days!

Fifty years of pop

Have a look at this if you have time:

"Rock'n'roll has come a long way in the half-century since Elvis first stepped up to the microphone at Sun Studios. Here we choose 50 moments that shaped popular musical history - and in the process changed our lives"


These are some of my favourite rock songs, just for pig iron, as me granny says:

The Wannadies - Big Fan
Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage
The Raveonettes - Heartbreak Stroll
Delgados - Accused Of Stealing
The Doors - Light My Fire
Hal - Worry about the wind
Ash - Goldfinger
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Dandy Warhols - Get Off
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Live - Selling The Drama
Blink - The Tiny Magic Indian

Website spotting


Ever get scanger fright? Apparently I suffer from it. Its when you cant relax in the vicinity of scangers. Probably due to my yuppie lifestyle and lack of exposure to scangers. I enjoy looking at photos of them though, ha ha look at the state of them!

Cool T-shirts

Check out Joystick Junkie's fashion page and 80's Tees for some really cool retro t-shirts. Oh yeah!

And what do you think of this Twister duvet cover? Kinky or what?!



I was thinking about a poem, funny how some people rhyme words and others don't. For example, one poem had "said" rhyming with "paid". But to me, "said" rhymes with "head" and "paid" rhymes with "shade."

Similarly, McDonalds have a campaign at the moment that says "Fruit and fun/all in one." But "fun" doesn't rhyme with "one" to me. "Fun" rhymes with "sun". "One" rhymes with "John".

But with some accents, they probably both rhyme fine!


Isn't Clare Forlani the most beautiful actress in the world!


Has anyone noticed the similarities between Performance (1970) and Snatch(2000). Oh yeah, I have. Pretty cool. There is a song in Performance that sounds like "In Town (Something in the way of things)" by The Roots. Class tune, trippy.


Remember the Pineapple upside down cake? We used to make them at home from a children's cookbook. I must root it out, I remember the fashions on the kids were very 60s.

The End

Hope you enjoyed this action packed Come back in a month or so and read more ramblings and see more photos!



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Derek (to Praveg on the suggestion that they swap porn CDs): Porn? Sure you don't even have a moustache!
(*In India it's considered effeminate for men to be without moustache, but Praveg lives in Ireland where it's considered knackery to wear one.)


Mobile Operator Logos
All the mobile operators have similar logo

Hotel room cleaner "a few sheets to the wind"

Innocent trip to ends in tears




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