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"I liked it so much I bought the company!"       1 July 2004 | week 427

Main Photo

Look Look Look Look Look Look
Look Look Look Look Look Look
Look Look Look

Pictured top: Rory and Caroline | Munchie the cat in Pete's garden | Mist over the Boyne | Carrie and Tri in front of a neon "Try me you so know you want to" sign | Tri and Brian in front of a neon heart | Mick, Kieran and pals play poker in the Waltzer Lounge
Middle: Flatliner awaits Johno on his last day | Billy and Waltzer in Mallahide | Mollly and Mandy | Gibneys in Mallahide | Molly, Tri and Mandy at the bus stop | The sisters Byrne: Sharon, Tri and Carrie
Bottom: Panorama at Tony's BBQ includes Mick, Olivia, Liam, Susan, Wendy, John, Fiona, Kieran, Martin (big version) | Drinking games at Tony's BBQ | Martin the twin barbeque wizard at Tony's
Background photo: Shipping containers photographed near Dad's office in Dublin Port

Top Stories

Tony BBQ

Tony Redmond laid on a great barbeque at the weekend. A handful of ex-company S and P were there - Liam, Mick, Susan, Martin, Kieran and John Owens. There was loads of food and drink. Good clean drinking!

Mandy and Billy home

I went up to Mallahide with Tri and Molly to see Mandy and Billy after their tour of Europe. Unfortunately they're not going to move back into town :( but at least they're home!

Fun and Games

Luke's comedy tour

Luke with vegetablesSome of us went to see our pal Luke Ryan's comedy shows around town. Luke did a show in The Ha'penny Bridge house last night and he has a few shows coming up:

Sunday 4th July, Halpenny Inn, Improv Comedy (Mount Cleverest Show)

Tuesday 13th July, Halpenny Inn, Stand Up (Battle of the Axe Show)

Monday 26th July, Exchequer Bar (Central Hotel), Stand up (Showcase Mondays)

Check it out, it's well worth seeing.


Top 5 special!

What tunes are playing in you headphones at the moment?



The Beach Boys – Here Today
Damien Rice – Cannonball
The Strokes – Hard to Explain
Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb
No Doubt – It's My Life



Shapeshifter – Lola´s theme
Mylo – In My Arms
Super Furry Animals – Golden Retriever
Groove Armada – My Friend
Snow Patrol – Run



Velvet Revolver – Sucker Train Blues
The Beastie Boys – The Brouhaha
Turbonegro – Ride With Us
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Spread Your Love
The Streets – Fit But You Know It



Powderfinger – Rockin´ Rocks  
Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl
The Streets – Dry Your Eyes
Bell X1 – I´ll See Your Heart And Raise You Mine
Powderfinger – How Far Have We Really Come



Ani Difranco – Untouchable Face
Snow Patrol – How To Be Dead
James – Laid
Jimi Hendrix – Bold As Love
Pink Floyd – Money



Snow Patrol – Run
Snow Patrol – Chocolate
The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun
Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl?



Mundy – July
Maroon 5 – This Love
Live – I Alone
Streets – Dry Your Eyes
Greenday – When I Come Around



Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away
Queens Of The Stone Age – You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar
Ryan Adams – New York, New York
Kelis – Milkshake
The Cure – Burn



Jet – Are you gonna be my girl
The Charlatans – My Beautiful Friend
Franz Ferdinand – Take me Out
Guns N Roses – Paradise City
Stone Roses – Ten Storey Love Song



Awhh man I never know the names of them....I can sing them for you thou if you'd like......would you like that??


MyloFitzer found this little gem playing in HMV the other day and picked it up. You have to listen to "In My Arms" - its got a fantastic repeating loop similar to Pete Heller's Big Love and it samples Kim Carne's "Bette Davis Eyes." It's getting deadly reviews all across the globe. If you are into Too Many DJs or Royksop or Daft Punk you should love it. Meslef, Luke, Fitzer and Brian are well into it.

Milo plays Oxegen on the Sunday

Keepin' it real

"Ya hink I'm gonnae slow it doon noow but I'm no, I'm keepin' it real!"

Brian sent on this Scottish fella's crazy amateur dance tune with some bizarre MCing on it - "Twenty Twenty, Scrumpy Jack, VODKAREDSQUARE!" Have a wee listen to it. "All aboard!"

Scissor Sisters album

Scissor SistersThe song "Laura" starts off sounding like something from Moby's Play crossed with the Thomas the Tank Engine jingle. Its great! The album is pretty cool. They sound a bit like Prince at times (Comfortably Numb), sometimes Elton John (Mary, Music is the Victim) sometimes Jamiroquai  (Filthy - Gorgeous) and Pink Floyd (Return to Oz). Go and get it!

Scissor Sisters play Oxegen on Saturday

Pet Sounds

Beach Boys - Pet SoundsI have been listening to this classic Beach Boys album recently. It's nearly always in the top ten of those 100 best album lists. I read a bit about it at Rolling Stone Magazine and went onto CDWOW and got it for 14 yoyos. Its really good. You can hear newer bands in it that were obviously influenced by it. I won't try to describe it here for my ability to critique music isn't very refined, but I know what I like! Have a read of that site if you'd like more info.

Site spotting


Retrocrush is a cool site that has some great articles about retro ads, TV, cinema, fashion, music and other delights of pop culture like The Coolest Toys of All Time, Safety Charts from India, 80's acid wash denim, and X-Rated Atari 2600 games. Go straight to the archive.

Modern superstitions

I found this interesting article over at HalfBakery. It's a list of modern superstitions like "It is bad luck to check the box labelled 'Always trust downloads from MicroSoft'" and "It's bad luck to press the button for the lift more than once."


Daypop gathers the links from daily blogs and lists them in order of popularity. So you can see what all the bloggers are linking to without having to read their boring sites! Find some interesting and up to date links here.


Check out this page from wondertext, it's a list of tips for Irish mobile phone users that you might not know. For example: When sending a message, if you begin your text with *R* on O2 & Meteor (e.g. *R* Whazzup! ), you will receive a free detailed SMS, giving the status of the message you sent, which is much better than the Delivery Reports on some phones which just say Failed, Pending or Delivered and usually don't beep.

City centre apartment

Has anyone got 450 grand burning a hole in their pocket? Check out this 2 bed apartment on O'Connell Bridge in Lafayette house. Views of O'Connell Street, right in the centre of town, a night club in your basement, what more could you want!!

The End

Next episode: Oxegen Special! Can't wait! Hope you enjoyed this action packed Come back in a month or so and read more ramblings and see more photos!



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Brian: We got a tent out the back apparently. Yaaay, apparently.


Luas drivers due a strike

Headphones accidentally worn for an hour with no music

Hang up. No you hang up. No you hang up.



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