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week 43 : 23 october 2000

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Laura Leaves The House

Our favourite computer fixing girl, Laura has left us for the sunny climate of Australia. Laura was with us for over a year and her loss will be felt by everyone who knew her. Laura was brilliant at her job, always happy and bubbly, and never had a melted head. On her last day, she was radiant after recieving a farewell bid and some presents from the office crew. One of the presents was a wallet stuffed with Australian dollars, which was nice! So, on to the interview:

What will you miss most about the Business House?
All the lubbly people I worked with. Not too many jobs out there that you get to work with such a great crowd, no exceptions!!

Is there any event or time that you will remember during your time with us?
Toughie! Can't pin point a time or event - all the partying etc always a plus. XMas Party, Gaillaimh and all the leaving parties are all memorable.

What do you think was the worst thing about Business Skills in Clonskeagh?
The move from Blackrock... sorry Clonskeagh folk but I really have a soft spot for the place. Having said that, I have made some great new mates since coming over to Clonskeagh - not forgetting the MIS department! Good bunch!!

What's the worst chat-up line you ever heard?
What's the PG rating for your site?? ok keep it clean.. let me see. Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by again? Cheesy or what?

What does the future hold?
Emm... positivity or at least I hope so... not to get all slushy but a happy little globe with lots of SMILES! Enjoy life... I know I intend to.


Company Announces Halloween Party in Planet Hollywood

Just to show complete lack of class and taste, the company is hosting it's annunal Halloween party in Planet Hollywood, one of the most loathed "restaurants" in Dublin. The last time we went to this exciting venue, we were starved for several hours before being fed. And the choice of drink was severly limited. Now maybe in some countries they like huge corporate logos animated on screens while they eat, but we don't. Not only that, but looking at clips of stars getting out of limousines and marvelling at props from films is not exactly my idea of a tasteful venue.

Waltzer Takes Off Every Monday Until Next Year!

I had a so many holidays to take off that I remarked to one of the lads that I could take off every Monday until the new year. Then I thought "Why not anyway?", and here I am doing this site on Sunday aternoon in the knowledge that you are all back to work tomorrow and I am off! Ha ha. Long weekend, short week! I will be working on some other projects which will be announced in due course, one of them being - the replacement of the Tactics project Viv and I never got off the ground. On you should be able to play games and buy t-shirts and merchandise. Styley ones.

Next Week: Sheherazade leaves.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Weekend Party

Waltzer on partying as a stranger

I went to this party at the weekend with a couple of friends. I didn't know anyone only these two girls I went with. Well after a bit of an adventure, we missed our stop, got lost and found, and went to the pub to meet up with the party crew. That was good crack. I even met a girl who works in the IT house that I never saw before! Anyway back to the house and have a few drinks. Good music, lovely hosts, my girls making me feel welcome with introductions and all considering I was a bit of a stranger.

So after a while I was starting to get a bit tired, bored and cranky. I wished I wasn't that way - I would have loved to enjoy the party, but I just felt awkward taking to people when I was tired and all. The people were all fairly friendly and cool, but I ended up sitting on a chair in the corner nodding off like an anti-social goth at a rave.

That wrecks me buzz enough, but what it did to my girls wrecked it worse. Firstly, they felt obliged to keep an eye on me and see if I was ok and stuff. Usually when I go to a party I can't be stopped talking to all the different people. Secondly, my girls' friends would wonder who is that boring dude in the corner and why did they bring him. Oh the horror!

So we stayed all night and I got back to my house at 7.00. My alarm woke me up for work fifteen minutes later!

Now that wrecks me buzz.