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week 45 : 06 november 2000

Last Sheherazade:
Sheherazade and Fiona Clodagh and Sheherazade Nicola and Cathy Group shot Jenny, Waltzer, Tim
Planet Hollywood:
Moose, Jay and Jay's brother Glenn and Matt Neysa Amanda, Waltzer and Mo Paul and Jody

Last Sheherazade: Clickable! Sheherazade and Fiona trying glassed on; Clodagh trying glasses on while Sheharazade gets sexy with those fingers; Nicola and Cathy try glasses on upside-down; Mick, Joanne, Clodagh, Sheherazade, Nicola, Jenny, Cathy, Tim and Jenny before the submarine's final desent; Jenny, and Tim chat while Waltzer poses for a photograph.
Planet Hollywood: Moose, Jay and Jay's brother; Glenn and Gillo enjoying the crack; Neysa delighted to debut on Waltzer Experience; Amanda, a smiley Waltzer and an inflatable Mo; Paul makes Jubster laugh- or was he laughing at his own stories?


Waltzer: Speaking about the Quote Of The Week
"I never quote myself, even though I come out with the best quotes"

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Sheherazade Leaves The House

Friday was the last day of one of our most respected designers, Sheherazade. Sheherazade was with us for almost two years. She leaves us with fond memories and an awareness of how bad for us our computer lifestyle is!

Well Sheherazade's was the most sophisticated leaving party that I have been to so far from the Business house. We went to a nice little Indian house in Ranelagh followed by drinks in MacSorley's.

Next week I interview Sheherazade on leaving the house, being American, and selling computer gear...

Next up to leave: Jenny.

Savage Weather Delays The Experience

First the electricity went on Sunday evening. Then I was delayed in traffic getting to Bray. Hope the wait wasn't too unbearable! If there are any mistakes please report them to Good on you, my little beta-bees.

Planet Hollywood Party: Good

Much to everyone's surprise, the party in Planet Hollywood was enjoyable. Instead of waiting ages for food like last time, the food was served straight away. Instead of a limited bar, there was a fairly full bar. Instead of everyone expecting a good night, they expected a bad night. These three factors were probably the cause of the enjoyment on the night. There was a below average turnout from the Business House, but there was enough IT house crew that I knew to make it intersting.

So I give it a hesitant thumbs-up, but I haven't changed my views on this kind of party that I expressed in week 43.

Coming soon: The Portfolios

Obviously all the designers that leave need a Portfolio website, but where are they all? Next week or the following week, I will link to all the ex-designers portfolios so you can see what they are really capable of! If you are an ex-business house designer and want me to link to your site, send me permission and the URL.

 Top 10

Uncle Travellin' Viv's Top 10 buzzes in South East Asia

Another Waltzer Experience Exclusive! Our man Viv reports from Aisa.

10. Goin' Commando

Aaaah the joys of it... free your ass so your mind can follow. Not until mankind liberates him(her)self from the shackles of underwear and religion can we truly achieve clarity of self!

9. Prices

Everything is dirt cheap if you're willing to shop around, clothes, ornaments, delicous food, you can even go up the tallest building in the world for half the price of that dirty chimney in Smithfield.

8. Haggling

In Bali the locals expect you to haggle for everything, one of the lads had to haggle a bribe with the local law enforcement not to put him in jail for driving without a licence. You'd probably have to haggle with an Indonesian dentist just to get that filling completed. Note: You're much better at it when you're drunk!

7. Everybody's a Pimp

You can't swing a dead cat in Bali without hitting a pimp. Taximan, Green Grocer, Police officer, local Guru, it don't matter- they all got access to "Nice Lady". Go to Mackers, get "Nice Lady" with those fries!

6. Ramely Burger

Deep in the backalley's of Kuala Lumpur's shanty town lies Ramely's burger stall. Ferociously recommended by some bang-on South African acrobats we met. This dude Ramely is like some old kung-fu master and his stall is his temple, he don't say much but I guess ya dont need to say shit when you got the best damn cheeseburger (with egg) in all of Malaysia.

5. Ireland, wha?

Simmer down with all that Celtic Tiger noise, nobody's heard of the kip! You tell 'em you're from Ireland, they'll tell ya how much they appreciate Ruud Gullit and our Windmills.

4. Asian Women

Goddaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!! 'Nuff said!

3. Meeting Madd Heads

We've come across some truly bizarre cats around here; a stoned South African Acrobat team, a crazed poet-warrior hippie gun-runner revolutionary, numerous machete tottin Balinese, and all types of fellow drop-outs and beatnik travellers from Western Europe. Good people!

2. Drinking at the Bar-pool

Nothing can compare with swimming to your bar stool, surfacing and asking the bartender for a bottle of his coldest Bin-Tang. You gotta go easy though or you'll drown befoe ya get back to your sunbed!

1. Bintang

Probably the best beer in South East Asia.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz


Waltzer on his beloved home town.

I was home in Navan for the weekend to go out with some of my Navan crew, but when I was getting ready to go out, I just couldn't face it.

Pierce Brosnan is right about Navan, as is Tommy Tiernan: It's a cultureless hole of a place. From the rubber-necks in the pubs, to the stupid Taxi-drivers with their Taxi light on constantly, I just can't stand it. Everyone thinks they are better than you. Respect is paid to violent, aggressive beer-swilling gangster wannabes. People have no courtesy in cues for taxis or drinks. Lads in the toilets have nothing better to do when they hear a non-local accent than ask where you're from. And they think everyone from Dublin is a suspicious, untrustworthy character who needs to be taught a lesson for entering their wonderful town.

Every pub has three televisions each showing MTV or a soap opera, the volume turned down and the radio/DJ tape playing over the pub speakers. Just to attract the attention of whoever you are taling to. And there is always some gobshite from school who you think is mature enough to speak to you in a civilised manner, and they still manage to put you down and make you wish you had ignored them.

So to cancel, I gave one of the (now Dublin based) girls, Louise, a ring and nervously told her that I couldn't face it. To my surprise she admitted that she couldn't blame me and that she understood completely! So we arranged to meet up in Dublin sometime instead. I said to my brother at the time that that is the last time I will ever attempt to drink in Navan. And it makes me happy to know that I'll never have to set foot in that God-forsaken hole of a town.

Now that wrecks me buzz.