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week 47 : 20 november 2000

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Last Business House Party Ever Clickable! Top: Waltzer in tinsel with photos; Nessa and Bill; Moira and some crew; Kaner and Mary Kate choose the winning tickets; Jody listens to Neil; Mo's Balloons keep an eye on the party; Mark and the absent crew line up in the mirror.

Bottom. Jenny and Richard; Jenny, Dara, Rachel, Cathy, Sheherazade, Waltzer, Clodagh, Cathy, Nicola.


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Jenny Leaves The House

One of the coolest girls in the house, Jenny the writer, left us on Friday. The place will never be the same without her. Jenny stays in Dublin too, so that keeps us all happy. Jen requested that we give all the money we collected for her to Oxfam, so we did! Wasn't that nice of her!

So I interviewed Jenny during her last week...

Jenny Interviewed

What will you miss most about the Business House?
I'll miss the craic and camaraderie of course!

Which people will you particularly miss and why?
Well, as pathetic as this might sound, we girlies do seem to stick together a bit and I have to say I will miss the "breakfast, dinner and tea break ladies" immensely, a cooler bunch of women would be hard to find! But, Alan, I will of course miss your confidence, charisma and witty one liners too! Big up yourself!!!!

Is there any event or time that you will always remember during your time with us?
I think that Galway 2000 stands out as a moment to remember. Between Rachel and myself playing with our Tea maker for hours in the Great Southern Hotel to the classy country and western style ambience, it truly was a weekend to remember. Also, the homo-erotic speech making of [the boss] stands out as a great comedy moment! ie:" We're all going to be buggered if this Internet ready blah, blah, blah doesn't bugger us all first!" type comments.

What do you think was the best thing about the Business House in Blackrock?
The great people and the "relaxed" atmosphere. Small really was beautiful!

What's the worst chat-up line you ever heard?
Are you comin ouht? ( A Monaghan disco fav!)

What does the future hold?
Fun, frolics and lots of dosh hopefully! I am Celtic tigress, hear me roar! By the way if anyone needs a recruitment consultant in the near future, you can find me in CPL! Free advertising on Waltzer - hope you don't mind Alan? Ka-ching - commission, commission etc...!


Last Business House Party Ever

The very last KW/Business House party was on in Toner's, Baggot Street. It was a fun-packed event with cameo appearences by Bill Mullen, Paul, Pam, Neil, Sheherazade and a host of other guests and residents. And to add to the excitement, Mo brought in big photocopies of some of our faces, stuck them on balloons, and placed them on the shelves. Then Martin brought in Glenn's caricatures of Mark, Laura, Siobhan, Viv and Ger, who were all abroad at the moment, but no doubt, will be glad to know that we were thinking of them. And then The Waltzer had a modest display of photographs on display. One was sold and I refused an offer on another one. I gave Jenny the one of all the designers, sims, Laura and Fiona after having everyone sign it.

It was a great night I thought. It would have been nice to see a few more of the faces, but I won't name names.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

KW is dead, long live KW!

As we confine to the past the glorious days of the Business House, I have to wonder about the future for us. Chances are every one of us will do well in the future, and I am sure we will look back with fond memories of the days we had together in Blackrock, and with less fond memories of Clonskeagh. I remember Viv said to me once that if he is ever in a job anywhere at any time and is talking about different places he used to work, he will say "Oh I used to work with this crowd, [Business House]." Then he could just call up the Waltzer Experience and see the pictures of when he was there. I like the idea that we can always have this resource in years to come to remember each other by, remember what we were doing in 2000, and maybe remember an old friend we haven't seen for years.

I wonder if we will have a re-union in about 10 years or so? I know that there are a crew of old, old school KW crew that call themselves the KW survivors. Most of you who still work there won't even know any of them, but they are keeping KW alive in their way, even if some of them think that KW died when Tommy The Gun, Paul and Kevin S. took over.

With two forms of keeping KW alive, we are bound to keeping links there. Maybe some of us will break away and form a new company, maybe I'll leave and some new person will create a new Business House fan-club, or maybe we will just have a big reunion at Christmas, 2010. You all will probably know what I'll be doing then if I keep alive this "little diary" as Mary Kate called it.

But whatever happens, I'll never forget my days with this crew. I know it's all over now and possibly time to move on, but I will keep the site there for you, an open channel of communication and I'll probably still be in Dublin. To quote Phil yet again: "You'll have plenty of jobs, but you won't find a crew like the one in KW"

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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