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week 48 : 27 november 2000

Funky Flash game: Drag and drop each item to its KW character.


Moira: On the phone giving an address
"Belfield... No, 'Field' as in 'Field of Dreams'"

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Discussion Board Added

The Waltzer Experience will never be the same again! This week sees the first of the new discussion board. You can create a new topic or join in one of the other topics already there. And it is exclusive to us, no other websites share it.

Everyone can participate whether they are in Australia, Portugal, America, England, Germany or Dublin. Disagree with the Top 10? Can't understand the Wage Slave? Think something was overlooked in a Wrecks Me Buzz? Want to say hello to all the crew? Just head over to the Discussion Board and create a new discussion thread.

It's very easy, you don't need to give your e-mail, but if you do you have the option of recieving all the replies to your comment into your inbox. Sorry about the advertising but it's $200 to take it off for a year!

Jubster in Play

The Jubster, aka Jody, is taking part in a play down in Bray starting this Friday, 21st. Jub was telling us that he is looking forward to the night with apprehensive nervousness. The Waltzer is going to view the play on Friday night, so if anyone would like to join me, contact meself or the jubster through


Martello Productions presents:

"One To Another", a series of sketches by Harold Pinter and N.F. Simpson, and

"Young Marrieds at Play" a one act play by Jerome Kass.

The Play is in aid of St. Andrews National School.

Location: Parochial Hall, Novara Ave, Bray.
Time: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December at 8.
Adm: 5 inc programme and tea/coffee.


Article On Death of KW Brings Tear to Some Eyes

Last week's Wrecks Me Buzz brought a tear to the eye of a few of the crew both home and away. In it I remarked that "it's all over now and possibly time to move on" and that "I'll never forget my days with this crew." I had a few people say to me that it's very sad and made them wonder what the future held. Paul said to me that he wants to meet us up in ten years when we are all millionaires, a reference to my "Chances are every one of us will do well in the future."

Do you have any comment on KW being dead? Visit my discussion board to add your comments and read what others have to say. (Please don't use our company name).

Usability Changes on The Experience

I have made two changes which will make this site more user-friendly:

Since I love the search engine Google so much, I have decided to include it on the Waltzer Experience. You will see in the left hand column "Search the web". Type your search terms, hit return and you will be brought to Google's site with the results of your search.

Secondly, I am archiving each page the week it goes out. This means if you want to link to a particular page, you can make your link "" instead of "/home.htm", which changes every week. So if you want to link generally to The Waltzer Experience, use "". On the other hand, if you want to link to a particular page, for example you might want to mail your friend this week because of the drag and drop question sketch, you should send them a link of

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 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Morale Low In Remainder of Business House

Now that half of us have left, everyone is split into new teams, and the new production methods are much tighter, the crew seem to be on a bad buzz. I had four crew come up to me on Friday saying that they were pissed off with the pressure, the deadlines, the strict guidelines, the sheer amount of e-mail they are required to read, the lonelyness and the lack of free time to even read the paper. The main problems I think are the fact that everyone's much busier and haven't got time to chill out.

Being busy is fine to a point. If you like what you're doing being busy is a pleasant chalenge, but even at the best of times you can only keep up consistant production for short bursts. If people don't get a chance to read the paper or some other unwinding exercise then they will either wear out or walk out.

This is just the latest moan in a list of problems I have monitored from the crew. If you asked me a few weeks ago what were everyone's gripes I'm sure it would have been quite different. That leads me to conclude that there is an underlying problem in the Business House that we can't put our finger on. I wonder if you'd all like to go back to Blackrock? But would you go back to Blackrock wages? Go to my discussion board to chat online with me and the crew about this topic.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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