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week 49 : 04 december 2000


Moira: On the phone giving an address
"Belfield... No, 'Field' as in 'Field of Dreams'"

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Jody's Role In Play: "Convincing"

Our resident actor, The Jubster, played a very convincing Adam in "Young Marrieds At Play", in an exclusive Bray venue last Friday night. In the audience were such KW celebs as Clodagh, The Littler, and The Waltzer.

The Play was set in a New York appartment in the 60's, and it highlights the difference between two old friends who grew up toghther but hadn't seen each other for years. One has become wealthy and philosopical while the other is a wife beating slob. Each man has his own problems and they want to see if they can use each other to make their life more like they, as kids, had planned. But in the end they realise they are too different and they will never be friends again.

Our Jody played Adam, the wife beater, quite convincingly. The play was quite enjoyable and the actors were most entertaining.

So a big thumbs up, and next time Jub is in a play, you can make sure to come along.

Last Week In Discussions

The first week of the discussion board proved to be a hot one. With people complaning heavily about corporate culture and the advantages of small companies, some ask why don't the complainers get out. Check out these highlights:

"I'd like to teach the world DPaint
and draw 30/30 pies
I'd like to give them all green men
with pixels in their eyes
I'd like to work on a pink background
with brushes by the score
I'd like to think those days were good
that I wasn't some corporate gift card manufacturer"

"This building isnít that big and if you work with the attitude of "this place is no fun", of course youíll bitch and whine."

"Damn straight - none o' them goosestepping, production-oriented, egocentric corporate leeches milling about with their whiny suggestions and false promises. Back to the Rock for culture, camaraderie and cuisine: all essential ingredients for a healthy and productive working atmosphere. All gapingly apparent in their absence down the 'Skeagh."
Punchbear (on going back to Blackrock)

Mo Launches Christmas House Party

Mo's Christmas Party, click hereMo is throwing a Christmas party in her house soon. Click the image to see the flyer.

 Top 10

Eight Reasons Why People Leave Their Jobs

From Business Plus magazine.

You are not making and acting on the decisions that matter.

Not listened to
You are not listened to in meetings and your ideas are not valued.

Reluctance to start or push forward projects, lack of interest in expanding your network

Your efforts have become routine, predictable and lacking challenge.

You feel your role is marginalised.

Under compensated
You are not adequately compensated, or are compensated disproportionally compared with others of similar experience and training.

You consistantly feel high levels of stress or anxiety.

Depression and cynicism
you regularly feel depressed, cynical and pessimistic.

Five things that keeps people from looking for a better job

From a survey on the Dilbert website.

I'm waiting for my pension to vest

I can't find my interview suit

I don't want to relocate

I love my current job

I'm too lazy

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Hangover Sundays

The joy of waking up on Sunday morning dreaming of glasses of water. You would pay £100 for someone to bring you in a glass of water. You crave for someone to walk into the room so you can ask them. You consider phoning the house using your mobile and then believe you have done it.

Then when you do manage to drag yourself out of the scratcher it's usually greeted with an incredible headache. Just what you need as you leg it for the toilet.

And of course you remember that you are out of Alka-Seltzer. No Yop in the fridge either. So back to bed to see it you can sleep it off. You can get up later.

Later comes and you're like a zombe wandering about. Can't do anything productive, can't handle any solid food and you're wondering if you did anything to make a fool of yourself last night. You probably did but you'll have to wait until Monday to find out.

So you sit around watching mindless telly and vow never to get drunk again. "Oh me head, I'm not doing that again", but you do. You do it again and again. I mean why can't we learn our lesson? Amazingly it's completely gone on Monday.

Now that Christmas is approaching we will probably see more and more hangover days, in fact you know there will be a few in a row. So my advice to you this holiday season: Leave a bottle of water under your bed. Get lots of Alka-Seltzer. Try to make it home to your own house. And finally, have a few cans of Guinness and bottles of Yop in the fridge at all times for that liquid breakfast.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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