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At the end of the day I can only be myself.
week 50 : 11 december 2000

SheherazadeClodaghCathy, Jenny and Joanne

Dinner: Out on the town last week were Sheherazade, Clodagh, Cathy, Jenny and Joanne.


"You're not to write this down ya little bollox ya."

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Sarah Engaged

Our Sarah, the designer/PL has become engaged to her boyfriend, Aidan. Sarah and Aidan have been going out for many a month now and have decided to tie the knot. Details are scarce at the moment as Sarah hadn't time to grant the Waltzer Experience an interview on Friday when the story broke.

Sarah came to fame within the house for her beautiful use of language, notoriously messy desk and her ability to adopt a D4 accent as convincing as a pure scanger accent. But I think what Sarah is best known for is her sheer bubbly and out-going personality. It's always a pleasure to chat with her and she's a great auld laugh altogether.

So Aidan is lucky to have her and I wish them both all the best of luck.


Siobhan Returns to the House!

Unusually, we have an ex-crew member returning this week. Siobhan is coming back to work with us after spending a spell in Australia. There was a good buzz going around the design department of old KW as we anticipated the return of our prodical daughter. Siobhan was a delight to work and socialise with, and like Clodagh, she is very sceptical of The Waltzer, insofar as she can see right through me to my motivation for making certain decisions. That keeps me on my toes.

But for the majority of designers and some of the writers I am sure, Siobhan will be welcomed back with open arms.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Religious Christmas

And so Christmas is upon us and everyone is filling their house with tack. Bank-link machines are dispensing hundreds of pounds at a time and the shops are raking it in. You go through the RTE guide to see what films are on and wonder which of your old films you'll tape over. Pubs are less busy at the weekends as everyone saves their money for the Christmas nights out. Corporate parties are happening every night and people are fretting about their shopping.

But let's not forget the real meaning of Christmas. Invented thousands of years BC, pagans devised a big festival to brighten up the long depressing winters. In the second century AD, the Roman Empire converted to Christianity and replaced their pagan holiday festivities with Christmas.

To this day it survives as a break to the depression that is winter. So when you are out spending money and drinking, remember that you are doing the right thing. Buy lots of stuff, drink and be merry. Money is for spending and there is no point having it if you don't want to share it.

So this Christmas, be happy, share your happiness and buy people presents and drinks. You'll be happier and feel good about yourself. Which is what the religious line is advocating. But I believe that religion is just a simplistic way of getting people to act they way they would anyway if they were intelligent enough to know that it's in their best interests.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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