Now with competitors!   11 January 2005 | week 502

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Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague
Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague
Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague
Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague

Pictured top: Waltzer, Phil and Martin; Bus drives by the GPO; Lights over O'Connell St.; Ben in Lanzarote; Chick on the bar with sparkler; Al in mirrored bathroom
2nd row: Sexy Philipino chick in Lanzarote; Brian at Tri's party charming the ladies; Halloween skeleton wearing dolls dress in a taxi; Snow Patrol; Ice at Brian's Christmas party; DJ Waltzer
3rd row: Clare and Bubbles fall over in Kitchen; Wall family portrait; Company P family portrait, Rob with nice hat; The Thrills; Snow on the cars in Navan; Snow on the dog in Navan
Last row: Snow in the garden on Christmas Day; Irene, Elaine and Steve on Christmas day; Picture of Waltzer on the Christmas tree; Elaine and Steve in their new suits; Crazy chocolate from Oz

A note on the photos

I hope you enjoy the photos this week, they cover about a 7 month period. Because of the Prague and Oxegen specials, there was a lot of great photos to choose from.

Top Stories

Brian's new site

My Nemesis Brian Coyle has decided to have a go at the website lark with his Push Barman site. Unlike you lucky sods, until now I didn't know what it was like to have a friend put up a top quality photo/text blog type site 'regularly', but now Brian's has shown me how cool that is. I look forward to seeing his updates, just as you look forward to seeing mine! So now that I know how great it is to be the user of such a site, I have decided to try to make mine even better. What's that? Competition? No, no, plenty of room for both of us! Nobody will compare my site with Brian's site, would they?!


My last ever sun holiday took place there in September in Lanzarote with Brian and Ben. This Irish man, Scott's man and English man walk into a bar... ah forget it. It was a fun week but I think I've had enough of that lark, we were the oldest there. I think it's golfing and skiing and wine tasting for me from now on, I can't keep up with the Ibiza lifestyle!

Christmas Painting

Check out this painting I did for my folks for Christmas. I designed it in PhotoShop, printed it out, and transferred the images by charcoaling the back of the prints and drawing over them with a pencil. Then I just painted it. The backgrounds are acrylic and the black is gauche. It's a 30x100 cm canvas. I'm quite pleased with it. Commissions welcome! I hadn't painted for years and I found it very therapeutic. It took about 20 hours to do in all. It's hanging in the folks sitting room in Navan now.

Redundancies in Skillsoft (Smartforce (CBT))

Number of friends left in Smartforce: 0

The end of an era! They have offered redundancies to everyone in content production, so sims, writers, and designers are all leaving with a nice fat wallet and a six month unpaid holiday. Happy days!


Xerox Soundsystem

Check it out, me old pal from college and Smartforce Des has put together this site Xerox Soundsystem to track and promote his endeavours as a mash up artist or whatever the young people call it these days. His tunes are so good that they are being played regularly on MTV. Go have a look and download a tune or two!


I recently addes Fark.com and Wikipedia.org to my links. Fark collects interesting news stories, links to them, and provides an area to discuss them. It also has daily photoshop competitions which can be very funny. I must warn you though, it's very addictive!


Wikipedia is a great free encyclopedia that is contributed to by people all over the world. It's very useful for getting some honest informative detail about something without having to thrawl through the web looking for a decent site.


Interesting site of articles about pop culture and retro things, go check it out.

Apple ipod movie

This guy made the most amazing viral ipod ad, this link goes to Wired article , you can download from there. Its 10 MB but if you like graphics you'll love it! If anyone has that song Darling Buds - Tiny Machine can you please let me know! I want it!


Happy 2005 everybody, and welcome to the 6th year of Waltzer.net! Hope you enjoyed this action packed waltzer.net!



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Steve: So what is it that makes this coffee 'Christmassy'?
Elaine: The packaging


Westlife cover band probably isn't such a good idea

Healthcare company called CFI Care

Taxi Driver fed up telling punters about the taxi business



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