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Keeping it stylish, even at Christmas.
week 51 : 18 december 2000

Jury's Ger Dave and Foxy Clodagh and Rachel Breffni, Paul and Alan Nessa, Tom, Cian and Ger Tony and Cathy

Christmas Party 2000:Clickable! The approach to Dury's; Ger enjoys a Coke; Dave and Caroline pretending they are in the Leaning Tower; Clodagh and Rachel make the most of a chair; Breffni, Paul and Alan have a male bonding session; Cian knuckles ger's head while Tom and Nessa look on; Tony smiles as Cathy pretends to steal a bottle of wine. More photos and text at


"That was in my street days. I was young and needed the money."

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It's Christmas!

And The Waltzer has prepared an extra special website for you this week. There is a review of the year, a special page laid down for the Christmas party, a few bits and pieces, and your usual news and buzz.

Since nearly everyone will be out of the office next week and because I need a good rest, there will be no update next week, Monday 25th December. The website will be back to normal on the following Monday January 1st, but you probably won't see it until you go back to work on the second. Next year the Waltzer Experience is going to open up to more IT house happennings, while still maintaining its strong KW roots, so I hope you will continue to enjoy it. Don't forget that I am always happy to recieve content from you. Please get in touch and I'll throw it on.

And finally, I'll take this opportunity to wish all the Waltzer Experience crew a styley Christmas and a prosperous new year. w

Company Christmas Party

Check out this week's special feature, the Christmas party 2000. This run-down of the Christmas party is exclusive to the Waltzer Experience, with more photos than you could shake a stick at.

Here's a sample of what's to follow:

"It was so packed that I let go of my pint, walked about and when I came back it was still there wedged between two editors."

"Not before a false start due to a thankfully short speech by Greg the boss, I found myself sitting on a luxurious red leather sofa surrounded by some of the finest of the KW girls. Wine was taken from the dinner tables and made a great alternative to going to the ridiculously overcrowded and understaffed bar." More>>

"Inspiration Technology" Comes Under Fire

One of the buildings in our vicinity belonging to Compaq went on fire on Friday. The fire brigade were on the scene and no-one was injured.

During the early afternoon black smoke was seen coming from the building and a grey smoke was coming from the brick-work. The fire was under control soon, much to the dissapointment of the staff who had evacuated to the courtyard.

Last Week In Discussions

Alan Curry seeks some old-old-school KW from the Dundrum days, while Dara Walsh wonders what everyone is doing now. Tip over to The Discussions to join in and have your say. With postings from all over the world from ex-KW crew and from Business House crew on KW related subjects, you might as well have a look! w

 2000 review

Review of the Year

2000! What a year we had on The Waltzer Experience and in and out of KW/Business/IT houses! Plenty of action, photographs and antics, as you shall soon find out...

Timetable of people leaving

With an average of two people leaving every month* we have had a busy year for people moving on.

Week 07: Gillian and Aoife
Week 11: Paul and Fergus
Week 19: Pam and Helen
Week 23: Neil
Week 25: Mark and Phil
Week 26: Siobhan
Week 27: Tony (to Limerick)
Week 29: Deirdre
Week 33: Seamus
Week 37: Fiona McK
Week 38: Fiona D
Week 39: Ray
Week 40: Viv and Dermot
Week 43: Laura
Week 45: Sheherazade
Week 47: Jennifer

*Average is calculated over the 11 months of the Waltzer Experience and is actually 1.91.

Best Articles of the Year

I have had a quick look over the archives and chosen some interesting articles that I felt were interesting in one way or another.

Clonskeagh Uncovered is my first opinions and reflections on moving from Blackrock to The 'Skeagh. It offers advice to the people who still had a couple of weeks in The 'Rock to make the most of it.

Galway 2000 needs no introduction.

Viv's Chippers was a hilarious Top 10 that has gone down as a legendary Top 10.

Lessons learned in Athboy is a fine piece of dry humour that stems from another horrible night down in Athboy in Meath.

Good things about the house was a nice Top 10 that sort of revived my interest in Clonskeagh and gave the site a bit of a boost.

Top 10: assumptions you can make about corporate parties. I wrote this after being to a good few of these parties and I think I was fairly accurate in my opinions.

Breffni's Airport Mayhem was a wonderful Wrecks Me Buzz about the worst travelling story possible. You have to read this again.

Jub Jub falls over flex is an Onion-style piece that I wrote after reading a few articles on the website.

Kaner's Crash is a story of maintaining composure while being in great pain and annoyance following a bike crash. Poor Kaner!

Ray's Leaving Speech was a nice Wrecks me Buzz that Ray wrote as an alternative to writing a speech when he left. In it he mentions his love for the people he is leaving behind, but not the company...

Viv Joins Friends is a nice story by Joanne about Viv joining American comedy series, Friends. Again, it reads like an Onion article. This was the last of three Onion style articles, the intermediate on being Dermots sex change.

Viv's Buzz in S.E. Aisa is a great Top 10 that Viv sent us from Aisa. Written as only Viv can, it's a hilarious reflection on the culture difference between Ireland and there. w

 2000 review

Progression of The Waltzer Experience

Waltzer Experience started as a site to complement my DJ career. After some unsuccessful attempts to revive interest in it, I decided to concentrate more on what was going on at work to make it more accessible to my work mates. And so began the Waltzer Experience as we know it today. Almost a year ago, the fourth week of January was the first episode, and it featured photos of the design lads in front of the new sign that came from the IT house. It would be an interesting year in the history of KW.

By week 13 I had removed all references to the old DJ stuff, and the site was leaning more and more towards the office stuff. In fact, whenever I published my old Navan friends, the hits would plummet! People leaving provided plenty of parties and content.

In week 17 I did the Galway Experience, a review of the weekend away in Galway. That went down well and the visitors went up by 300% that week. The Waltzer Experience was becoming more and more popular and the Galway Experience was just the thing to give it that extra exposure.

Then in week 25 I did a controversial re-design. A lot of feedback said that the old animated logo was missed and they liked the old typeface. It was also the first of just two weeks to feature mp3 audio from parties.

Since then I added more and more features, such as the reminder (which I must confess I don't always implement), searches, archive and the discussion board.

One thing that often arouses a lot of interest is guest writers. I have had Mark, Mary Kate, Breffni, Viv and Jody to name a few, and they always go down well. In fact I sometimes worry that if any of them set up their own writing based site it might out-do mine!

In the year it has been running you can see how I have grown more comfortable with the style and content and how the site has matured. The site runs at a loss of about 11 per week, and the only thing keeping me going is the positive feedback from the crew. To know that I am brightening up people's lives in a small way and gaining respect through it is worth more than 11 and a few hours a week to me. w

  Waltzer Experience © Alan Wall 2000.