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Back to life with extra power for the summer!

week 117 : 23 April 2001

Summer arrives: Tony, Dave and Jay drinking in front of O'Shea's last Friday.
Russ: Advising the lads on chasing girls who live with their boyfriend
"Thats the lark that throws a swift 'no' into the equation."

"New edits assigned to you" - Leonardo
Media finally drop the text messaging stories
New spoons in canteen "harder to use"

Wage Slave
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We'd have been in Killarney by now

DermoClonskeagh - thanks to that damned foot and mouth outbreak, we are in work this week instead of hungover in a fancy hotel in Killarney. The company have promised us a concession night out, but no details have been officially released.

Last year's Galway was great and the crew are not happy that last weekend could have been the same again. Stay tuned to this site for details of the concession party, underground sources may leak some details to me for next week…

Housewarmer this Friday

DermoI'm having a few friends over on Friday to see my new place and have a few drinks while listening to music and meeting new people. If you like the sound of that and you know who the hell I am, then you're welcome to join us. Get in touch and I'll give you the address. It'll be on between 6 and 9 and then it's off to the pub, 'cos the place is too small to hold you all!


This week last year

GilloIn last year's Waltzer Experience I have the Galway Special, why you need to buy your, Commodore64 emulators and Wrecking Me Buzz is Tabloid newspapers...


Downturn in IT industry "scary"

Ireland - Recent dot-com failures, downsizing and cost cutting have left a lot of IT people out of work. Several of the crew are worried about the stability of their jobs, while others have been sure not to jeopardise their positions by keeping well away from job websites such as and

The company appears to be doing well, there is always good news pouring out if anyone ever reads it, and the share price is strong by comparison to other similar companies. There was even a positive write-up about us in the Independent last week.

Ex-KW designer, Viv, expressed concern about coming back from Australia in August to a new Ireland where a graphic designer can't get a job. What's the world coming to?

Waltzer pictured on

"Waltzer"US - Popular satirical news web site recently published a picture of Waltzer in the side panel where they give short headlines, similar to this site.

The picture merely looks like Waltzer, and Waltzer assures his readers that he's not the "Same guy with glasses at every rock show," as the caption states.

The Waltzer himself spotted the picture on last week's The Onion, and then soon Martin spotted it and brought it to the Waltzer's attention. Ciara and Moose had a look and agreed it looks like Waltzer.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Party Fader
By Waltzer.

WaltzerI have recently diagnosed myself with a health disorder called "Party Fader." The main symptom of this predominantly Irish disorder is suddenly falling asleep while enjoying a party or night out, sometimes even while dancing, chatting or eating

This happened in Russell's two weeks ago, and more recently at a (brilliant!) house party on Friday. On both occasions I was having a great time and I didn't notice the demon drowsiness creep up on me. It's very embarrassing, not to mention inconsiderate, to leave a party so early. And I didn't want to either as I was enjoying it too!

I wonder is this disorder linked to the Irish fondness for the drink? Maybe if I took it easier earlier on (I was drinking Tequila Sunrises) I wouldn't have conked out so early. Or maybe I needed more to eat, or maybe some Red Bull or Coke would have chased it away.

So here I am speculating about prevention and cure, but there really should be professional help for people with this disorder. And a support group. As long as it doesn't meet on Friday night at 1am I'll be fine.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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