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Glamourous photos, nice viewing system:
Thumbnails top row: Anne and Waltzer in the local, two weeks ago; Emma puts on her make-up with Anne in the background; Phil sporting a new blonde look.
Second row: Rachel posing as usual; Kayo, Martin, Phil and Ray at John's wedding; John kissing girls (his wife Rachel).
Third row: Glen, Phil, Waltzer and Martin have a drink before dinner; beautiful packaged sweets decorated the table; I wasn't the only photographer there.
Fourth row: Amanda, Rachel and Siobhan looking prettier than ever; Phil's eye explodes, Phil not to bothered; Jo, Triona and Waltzer walking down Stephen's green.
Bottom row: John with none of his bitches, Gillian and Dervla; Tri tries to give herself dimples; John runs for the bus. More pictures of John's wedding at his friend Adam's website.

Triona: "What would we do without toast?"
Only a week to the conference
Ibiza "ah, alright" - Gillo
Habitat catalogue casually left on desk



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Jordo to Travel around America

Jordo, ex-KW designer, is to keep a diary of his travels around America. His homepage is www.punchbear.com.

Separated at birth

L-R: Actor Robin Williams, maried man John A Keane

This week last year

Sheherazade, Waltzer Ray Leaves The House and Fiona Dunne throws cool house party. Also: Ray's Wrecks me Buzz about leaving the company.


 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Refusal to the Barge

By Waltzer.

Raj in front of the Barge

Unusually we found ourselves heading towards The Barge on Friday night. A few drinks in the packed O'Sheas brought some separate little groups together. The outcome was half planned to go to Hogan's, the other to The Barge.

After the initial annoyance of the bus driving by oblivious to us, we found ourselves walking up to The Barge. There was me, Cian, Rajiv, Dervla, and Richie. All sober, all dressed well, all behaving properly.

"It's the five of you, is it?" Said a seemingly friendly bouncer.

"Yeah," he continued, "Just show us some ID there please."

-"Are you serious?"
-"Yeah, it's the law"

So I showed ID but the others had nothing they would accept.

continued next column...



"I can't let you in without ID," the bouncer insisted. He wouldn't listen to any of our civilised persuasion or questioning. "Why are you letting those lads in without ID?" I asked. "Move away from the door now, we don't have to offer you any explanation."

So we all hung back to think about what we could do, but Raj stayed trying to persuade them to let us in. We had friends in there already. They were having none of it, so after a good bit of tugging Raj's sleeve, we went to head on. Then I remembered that I was initially allowed in, as I had ID, so we agreed I'd go back in and tell the others what had happened and that we were off to Hogan's. When the bouncers saw me coming they stood in the way of the door and said "You're not getting in."

I was like "but I have ID and you were letting me in earlier."

-"Just move away from the door now"
-"I just want to go in and tell the others where we are going"
-"It's not gong to happen, now move away from the door please"

So I went back around the corner to the others and told them. At this point we were all getting seriously annoyed, and Cian and Raj went up to the door to see if they could talk any sense into the bouncers. Cian soon came back and Raj and Richie stayed at the door.

At this point I took a photograph of Raj and Richie outside the pub, intending to publish it as a possible Wrecks Me Buzz. One of the bouncers came over to me to persuade me that this was definitely a bad buzz. He said to me "I didn't give you permission to take my photograph and I suggest you take the film out of that camera. If I see that picture anywhere I'll come after you. Now if you don't go away I'm going to call the Guards."

This infuriated Cian, who had his phone ready to call the Gardai himself. "You've just been threatened," he said. But we decided that we'd had enough of the Barge and their ignorant bouncers, and off we went to Hogans for what turned out to be one of the best nights out in ages.

Now that wrecks me buzz.


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